Replaced Goodwood met with Yanukovych in Russia

Замененный госадвокат встретился с Януковичем в РФ

Ovsyannikova confidential meeting with Yanukovych took place on the territory of the Russian Federation

State counsel Victor Ovsyannikov has met with ex-President Viktor Yanukovych on the territory of Russia.

Free state advocate, Viktor Yanukovych, Viktor Ovsyannikov, which on 1 August was three left the last meeting of the Obolonskiy district court of Kiev on the case of treason, ex-President of Ukraine, 3 August met with his client in Russia. On Sunday, August 5, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“We agreed a legal position, which will be announced in court on August 16. Signed minutes of the confidential meeting. The legal position is protected by attorney-client privilege, therefore, to talk about her I can’t. If during this time there will be some changes, maybe I will publish in advance and, if the permit and the desire of the client”, – said Ovsyannikov.

He noted that now his power of attorney to participate in the process not cancelled, and he is obliged to attend on August 16 at the next court hearing, despite the court’s decision to appoint Yanukovych a new lawyer from the center for free secondary legal aid.

“The decision of the court on 1 August I still know only from the media, in court me this was not announced”, – said Ovsyannikov.

Recall, August 1, Obolonskyi court took the decision to replace appointed Yanukovych on July 31 of headvoice Ovsyannikova another lawyer of the Kiev center for providing free secondary legal aid, and to continue the hearing on the case of treason the ex-President on 16 August.

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