Replacement GPS. Ukraine in the satellite system Galileo

Замена GPS. Украина в спутниковой системе Galileo

One of the satellites in the Galileo system

Ukraine’s first station RIMS for receiving signal establish the Kyiv international airport Zhuliany.

The development of European navigation system Galileo coming to the finish line. On July 25 orbit brought the latest satellites needed for full operation of the system.

The project also takes part, and Ukraine. This year Ukraine and the EU plan to move on to the practical phase of the partnership for Galileo. Коррепондент.net tells details.


Competitor American GPS

Galileo is a joint project of satellite navigation system of the European Union and the European space Agency. In addition to the EU, the project involves China, Israel, South Korea and Ukraine.

One of the most important projects the EU launched in 1999. Galileo will ensure Europe’s strategic independence from the US, which did in 1983, a public geolocation system GPS, originally designed for the military.

A landmark event. The agreement with Boeing Antonov

Today, American satellites can locate almost every smartphone owner. But with an accuracy of up to seven meters.

European competitor to GPS provides private and commercial users of the navigation data of higher accuracy.

On the ESA website says that the accuracy of the data is transmitted with an error of maximum one meter. In the paid version promises the accuracy of a few centimeters.

Such precision opens the prospect of further improving Maritime, land and air transportation. Before the start of operation of the system in the ESA Galileo called the best in its class.

The first satellites were installed in 2011. The system was running in 2016. On July 25 this year, the European carrier rocket Ariane 5 launched into geostationary orbit four Galileo satellites.

Now, the European navigation system Galileо can be considered virtually complete and published in the category of real competition to the American GPS.

The cost of the Galileo project is estimated at ten billion euros. The number of satellites launched into orbit in the framework of the project it is planned to increase by 2020 year to 30, then the system will reserve six free.

24 Galileo satellites are divided into three groups. Eight satellites in each group are mounted at an equal distance from each other on three orbits, located from the earth at a distance of 23 million kilometers. The other six are in orbit in the event of failure of any of the systems.

The geolocation accuracy is guaranteed by the fact that every point on the planet is in “sight” of at least four satellites.


Ukraine’s participation in Galileo

Ukraine and the EU signed an agreement on cooperation in the project Galileо in December 2005 in Kiev. Ukraine ratified the agreement in 2007, the EU – autumn 2013.

Measures to improve the European satellite navigation EGNOS coverage to the territory of Ukraine are carried out in the framework of the implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

Practical preparations for the deployment in Ukraine of control-correcting stations RIMS (Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Stations) for receiving signals from the European Galileо started in 2015.

According to the before agreed upon by the parties, 2017 on the territory of Ukraine was planned to accommodate three stations RIMS the EGNOS system.

On 1 August the head of State space Agency of Ukraine Pavel Degtyarenko said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine that by the end of the year on the Ukrainian territory it is planned to deploy the first system RIMS.

The placement of the first station of the RIMS will be in Kiev Zhuliany international airport.

“Until the end of the year, the two sides should resolve technical issues to start the practical phase of cooperation in the project: the Ukrainian side has undertaken to correct the interference to radio reception, and to import into Ukraine and to mount the equipment,” – said the Russian.

Замена GPS. Украина в спутниковой системе Galileo

Ukrainian Galileo receiver will be built in Zhulyany airport /

After running the first test station, is scheduled to make a decision on the placement in Ukraine of two EGNOS stations.

According to the head of the space Agency, Galileo is best for Ukraine project, which makes it easier, cheaper and makes more accurate nautical information.

“Today, we can choose two of three existing global navigation satellite systems (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS). I hope that with the advent of reception in Ukraine signal the Chinese Beidou, we will be able to choose the services of three of the four systems,” he said.

Degtyarenko also said that Ukraine begins negotiations with ESA on the development of technical cooperation agreements in the European program of space monitoring of Copernicus.

“Before the end of the year it is planned to put into operation first and foremost an information hub Copernicus-Ukraine”for receiving, processing and storage of data of space monitoring of the family of European satellites Sentinel”, – he said.


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