Replacement in the national Bank. Who took the post Gontareva

Замена в Нацбанке. Кто занял пост Гонтаревой

The Verkhovna Rada finally freed Valeria Gontareva from the post of NBU Governor and appointed in its place Jacob Smoliy, who was acting head of the NBU from may 2017.

Ten months, the Verkhovna Rada could not lay off of Valeria Gontareva as head of the national Bank and appoint a new Manager.

And here is finally done, there is a new Chapter main financial regulator in the country. They became Yakov Smoliy, which recently was acting Gontareva. figured out what to expect from the new head of the NBU.

Gontareva released

As Valeriya was happy his dismissal, people do not usually behave when you lose your job. But Gontareva directly celebrated this moment.

Reporting about the activity on a post of the NBU head, she noted that she came to the national Bank for reform.

“So when all the reforms which immediately demanded the Ukrainian economy and the banking sector was made, I considered its mission fully completed, and submitted to the President a formal letter of resignation at own will “, – said the former head of the NBU.

Among his main achievements Gontareva called the macroeconomic and financial stability, the transition to a flexible exchange rate and the beginning of the new monetary policy of inflation targeting.

“We have cleared the banking system from insolvent banks and strengthen its sustainability for the future,” she added.

“We had a complete transformation of the National Bank: rebuilt all processes and turned it into a powerful modern European institution,” – said Gontareva.

“I consider my mission fully accomplished, because the reforms done,” concluded the former head of the NBU.

In Ukrainian society about the results of the Board Gontareva often judged by the dollar. The hryvnia fell from 11.8 per dollar in June 2014, when Gontareva head of the NBU, to slightly more than 26 hryvnia for one dollar when she left his post.

But experts, especially on the Western Gontareva speak positively and praise her in the first place, for clearing of the banking sector. Pleased with the work Gontareva, President Petro Poroshenko. According to him, meetings in different countries, he often said that he was very lucky that he has such a “head of the NBU, which claims to be the best in Europe and the world “.

“In the most difficult times you (Gontareva) acted responsibly and professionally”, – said Poroshenko and added that over the past 4 years, the national Bank was truly independent.

Poroshenko even called Gontareva probably the best banker in the world.

Who is resin?

Replaced Gontareva came Yakov Smoliy. As he calls himself – Technik in the banking sector.

Resin came to work in the national Bank in April 2014 after the revolution of Dignity. It invited the current Minister of economic development and trade Stepan kubiv, who then succeeded as head of the NBU representative of the previous government – Igor Sorkin.

The NBU competence Smoliy was the development and implementation of the strategy and policy of the NBU in the sphere of development of information infrastructure, regulation of activities of payment systems and cashless settlements, as well as the oversight of payment systems and settlement systems.

The newly appointed head of the NBU is a native of Bank Aval, where he began working in 1994. After the sale of the Austrian Bank “Raiffeisen group” since 2006 was engaged in business along with other “ex-evalutate” until I came to work at the NBU.

What to expect from Smoliy?

Her priorities as the new head of the NBU called the maintenance of financial stability, banking system stability, the resumption of lending, and effective regulation of the financial sector, foreign exchange liberalisation, the introduction of new financial mechanisms, and integration to EU standards in the financial and banking sector.

Experts describe it as a very cautious banker, not authoritarian, not taking emotional decisions. It has called this lightweight version of Gontareva. Although approaches to the management of the Central Bank and to the policy of the resin is not different from its predecessor both support inflation targeting, a flexible exchange rate regime, the transparency of the banking system.

Resin is considered to be more dependent on the presidential Administration head of the NBU. Western partners are, in General, pleased with the appointment of Smoliy. The IMF hope that he will continue the course of Finance and the national Bank will remain independent under his leadership.