Replacement Of The Hail. The new Ukrainian weapons and equipment

Замена Градам. Новое украинское оружие и техника

The exhibition shows samples of the latest military equipment of the Ukrainian production

The latest developments of Ukrainian weapons and military equipment demonstrated at the exhibition, which runs from 9 to 12 October on the eve of the Day of defender of Ukraine.

In Kiev, an exhibition of the Weapon that BEZPEKA-2018, which is attended by about 500 companies from 17 countries.

It was presented the latest developments of Ukrainian weapons and military equipment. Корреспондент.net tells details.


The jet system of the BM volley fire-21 MIND Berest

SOE Shepetivka repair plant for the first time introduced an upgraded jet system of volley fire BM-21 MIND Berest.

Ukroboronprom said that the production of a combat vehicle uses only Ukrainian parts.

“Berest is designed to replace the BM-21 Grad, which stands on the armed forces. The use of modern digital technologies and new chassis of the domestic production of birch Bark provides key operational and performance benefits that greatly enhance the combat capabilities of MLRS”, – reads the statement of the Ukroboronprom.

Digital technologies integrate the machine into a system of exchange of information on the battlefield. The calculation of MLRS in real time receives the exact coordinates of the enemy, which in a processed form come from drones, counter-battery radar and other surveillance systems.

Knocked out Abrams, but the last one left. Tanks APU

“This integration significantly improves the accuracy and efficiency of the fire. Another feature of the new MRL is to increase the capacity of the salvo of 50 rockets, instead of 40 in the city. Large capacity allows to destroy the enemy and to quickly distribute fire between different objectives”, – stated in the message.


BTR-70 and combat unit Delta

Zhytomyr armored plant developed and produced the modernization of BTR-70, which first showed at the exhibition.

Ukroboronprom said that the new combat vehicle has received new engines from the American Corporation General Motors, which has increased the total power and the maximum speed increased to 100 kilometres per hour.

BTR-70Д (GM) has a new combat unit Delta – 23-mm automatic gun and 7.62-mm machine gun. Delta is also equipped with a modern digital multi-function fire control system with thermal imaging camera, laser rangefinder, gun stabilizer and system of acquisition and tracking purposes.

Modernization improved speed, maneuverability, precision and power on the battlefield in any weather conditions and time of day, said Ukroboronprom.


BMP-М1С with combat module Stiletto

Zhytomyr armored plant also introduced the BMP-М1С modernized combat vehicle infantry, known throughout the world.

The BMP is intended to transport personnel of mechanized infantry units on the battlefield, enhance mobility and safety on the battlefield, and joint action with the tanks.

BMP-М1С combat unit equipped with a Stylet with a 30-mm gun 2A42 and ATGM two installations, the Barrier 212. The module is also equipped with a 7.62 machine gun and a fire control system Synthesis.

BTR Swimmer with a combat unit Spear

New tracked amphibious armored personnel carrier Swimmer was created scientific-production company Tekhimpeks in cooperation with the Kharkiv tractor plant and Ukroboronprom.

New APC received the diesel engine power 350-460 HP and manual transmission. It can reach speeds up to 70 kilometers per hour on the highway and 10.5 kilometers per hour afloat that is provided by two water cannons.

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The crew of the armored vehicle consists of three people. Can carry up to 14 paratroopers.

Замена Градам. Новое украинское оружие и техника

The APC is equipped with a powerful combat unit Spear with a 30-mm cannon, two machine guns and two launchers anti-tank systems.

Swimmer can take a hit from bullets BZ caliber 7. 62×39 mm with a distance of 30 meters and detonation high-explosive anti-tank mine.

It will be the basis for a family of armoured fighting vehicles.


Armored Innovator with a missile system Stugna

Also, was first introduced armored vehicle Novator. However, she is already tested in the national guard and Ministry of defense.

The anti-tank missile system Stugna development of Kiev CB Ray, which was adopted in 2011. Stugna certified by NATO.

It includes the R-2S caliber of 130 mm. Guided missile can be equipped with various types of warheads: tandem shaped-charge, high-explosive or thermobaric.

“A car can be used against tanks, the radius of the Stugna – up to five kilometers,” – said the representative of production Association Ukrainian armored vehicles Alexander Kuzma.

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Its maximum road speed is 120 kilometers per hour, but the developers assure, the Innovator has good off-road capabilities, thanks in particular to the uniform unloading on the front and rear axle.


Combat reconnaissance vehicle mongoose

State of the Nikolaev armored plant showed a fighting machine intelligence mongoose. The machine is designed for conducting reconnaissance and fire support combat units.

Biaxial BRM has wheel formula 4×4 and independent torsion suspension, which provides increased flotation equipment.

Mongoose can ride on the highway with speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour and overcome water obstacles.The machine is equipped with additional side, top and rear hatches for visaci landing.

All components, except for engine IVECO, Ukrainian production.


The helicopter SME-2 Hope

The Zaporozhye plant Motor Sich for the first time, predstava helicopter Hope – the modernization of the obsolete Mi-2.

“This is an advanced version of the Mi-2, which in Soviet times was carried out in Poland. But with the domestic housing and domestic engines,” said producers.

In April of this year held its first flight.

These machines can be used as a light passenger helicopter transportation to inaccessible locations or to patrol. There is an option to equip this type of helicopter missile weapons.


APC Varan with a combat unit Spear

One of the most significant events of the exhibition was the presentation of a navigation sample APC Varan combat unit with the Spear, says the national industrial portal.

As noted, this machine is a fundamentally new armored vehicle, which is built according to the modern layout scheme, as most of the APCS in the Arsenal of modern armies, for example on the Finnish Patria or Turkish ARMA.


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