Replay in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup canceled

Переигровки в четвертьфинале кубка Англии отменены

The football Association of England has decided to cancel the quarter-final replay in the Cup matches, citing the desire to relieve seasonal schedule of games for teams.

Replay in the semi-finals were cancelled after the victory of Manchester United over Arsenal on the way to the treble in 1999.

However, in the first rounds until the semi-final replay remained, forcing the big clubs, participating in several tournaments, replay the matches against hard opponents from lower leagues, essentially playing for a draw.

The head FA Martin Glenn said that the abolition of replays in the quarterfinals “will add entertainment”.

Glenn added: “We fully respect the tradition and history, and this change will not interfere with the Cup to remain in the status of the beloved and world-famous competitions.

This season, Manchester United beat West ham in the second game of the quarterfinals, thanks to a goal by Marouane Fellaini, and finally took Troy.

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