Reporting in the cloud

Отчетность в облаках

Accountant – a profession of high responsibility and in some ways, risk. He operates a lot of money and problem in the field of accounting can cost the life of a company. Therefore, the instruments governing its activities in legal and tax matters, especially in unstable situations must be reliable and simple.

We found this is a “young” product on the market of services for provision of electronic reporting, recently created by experts at the country’s largest developer of legal information and service solutions to LIGA:LAW. Meet – REPORT.

Business card developer. Authority

As you know, if you want to buy a reliable product, first find out who made it.
So, LIGA:LAW. This is an innovative Ukrainian company, more than a quarter century working in the field of legal support of business and created powerful legal database, which recorded the latest “rules of the game”.

LIGA:Zakon is officially cooperating with the State fiscal
service of Ukraine in terms of the development of electronic information exchange between tax administration bodies and taxpayers, which signed memoranda.

LIGA:LAW set out to create a qualitatively new way of interaction “client – state”. For this was recently developed secure service for reporting − REPORT.

The quality of each product, LIGA:LAW podtverjdeno the ISO certificate.

Card REPORT. Service-“cloud”

Safety REPORT guaranteed with its “cloud-based” principle. It cloud solutions give preference to leaders around the world who care about your business and want to ensure the security of their business.

The algorithm is as follows:

– the user opens the REPORT from any computer

– fills in and submits the reports or registers tax invoices,

– receives, installs and updates software that may contain viruses

– security provided by a secure Internet connection between the user and the service REPORT with the use of HTTPS (uses commercial security certificates, the key length is 2048 bits),

– updates occur on the REPORT server LIGA:Zakon, the updates do not affect the computers of the company

– time flooding of the files in the “cloud” – a few seconds.

We are stronger together!

The advantage of any innovation is in the possibility of its further development and improvement. So when we talked with experts, LIGA:Zakon, they expressed the hope that the REPORT will occur in an open cooperation with clients. “We are all valuable suggestions and comments to improve the product, let us know,” invited developers.

In light of this, LIGA:LAW creates a counseling center to support the accounting Department in the safe delivery of reports and registration of tax invoices on the basis of the REPORT.
We invite to cooperation of accountants, consultants, support staff, dealers. In addition, accountants as direct implementers may participate in focus groups for development of service – because our young service develops based on customer feedback, said the company.


Secure cloud-based solution – access to the system via the web interface (all the benefits of “cloud” principle).

Tips when filling out forms – when filling out forms automatically pulls the profile info and guides, you can also hover the cursor on the fill box and see a tooltip explaining how to fill.

Transition to regulatory documents – when completing the forms, you can click the hyperlinks in the system LIGA:LAW and familiarize with algorithms of filling out forms, relevant normative acts.

A personal consultant to work from LIGA:Zakon for each user− qualified information and technical support in a friendly format 24/7.

Within one access it is possible to have cards for several companies.