Representatives of the LFS team will take part in the bankruptcy procedure

Представители коллектива ОНПЗ примут участие в процедуре банкротства

At the LFS I want to vikruti in liquidation all assets of the company

The team nominated their representatives to the creditors ‘ Committee.

The labor collective of the Odessa oil refinery held a meeting at which were elected as its representatives in the creditors ‘ Committee, the press service of the company.

“The representatives of the employees of PJSC Odesa oil refinery will be an independent participants in the bankruptcy procedure of the company and will have all relevant procedural rights, including the right to appeal any action of other participants in this procedure”, – stated in the message.

In addition, the press service noted that another important issue of the meeting was the absence in the mass liquidation of all assets of the company.

“All the property of the company, which according to the law on bankruptcy should be liquidation mass, to participate in the reconstruction of solvency of PJSC Odesa oil refinery, and in the first place in repayment of debt on a salary to working and dismissed employees of the company, currently in the framework of criminal proceedings transferred the operational management of GP Ukrtransnefteprodukt”, – stated in the message.

The company argued that the transfer of property in operational management “is absolutely not provided by the criminal procedural legislation, and therefore, is illegal.”

“In addition, GP Ukrtransnefteprodukt is a commercial enterprise, and according to the commercial code may not have property on the operational administration right, which is state-owned enterprises. Given that all of the integral property complex of PJSC Odesa oil refinery was transferred without inventory and appraisal of property already during the opening of proceedings about bankruptcy of the enterprise, which is also contrary to legislation requirements, staff is confident that the transfer of assets of PJSC Odesa oil refinery in the operational management of GP Ukrtransnefteprodukt is a raider seizure involving corruption schemes involving senior officials of the state and bodies of Prosecutor’s office”, – stated in the message of the refinery.

Also in a press-service reported that for the protection of their rights was taken the decision to hold a protest in front of the administrative buildings captured in the enterprise.

The event, which took place on 26 August, gave no result, indicate the refinery.

“At the end of the action employees of the company demanded that officials of GP Ukrtransnefteprodukt went out to them and explained what rights they do not return assets of the company in liquidation and hinder the repayment of debts to workers. However, the protection the company has closed all doors to people so no one came. No one came and the police officers who arrived on call and had to deal with the situation”, – said the press service.

We will remind, earlier economic court of Odessa region established who should be the local refinery, which is under bankruptcy. At the hearing, a decision was made to create a register of creditors.