Rescuers said about threats at nuclear facilities

Спасатели заявили об угрозах на атомных объектах

In December it is expected 5-9 manmade disasters

SSES has made the forecast of emergency situations in December.

Ukrainian rescuers have published the forecast of emergency situations in December. The highest probability of fires, explosions and accidents is projected at nuclear facilities.

The total number of manmade disasters in December is likely to increase in comparison with November and is expected to reach 5-9 occasions.

Among the natural phenomena of precipitation of a mixed phase in combination with strong winds, sleet, and sometimes wet snow.

“The most dangerous, the frequency of occurrence of hazardous hydrometeorological phenomena are the South, Southeast and Western regions of the country”, – stated in the message.

It is also reported that given these statistics and forecast weather conditions, the total number of natural disaster in December is expected to reach 3-7 occasions.

We will remind, in Kiev on Tuesday, November 29, for several hours is a heavy snowfall. Kiev authorities urge drivers to be careful on the roads and, if possible, to use public transport.

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