Researchers have identified a new organ in the immune system

Исследователи выявили новый орган в иммунной системе

Found “microorgan” are like animals and people. He aktiviziruyutsya only when the body is faced with a new infection.

Scientists from the Australian Institute of medical research Garvan found the structure of the immune system that “remembers” all the previous infection and vaccination. It is filled with immune cells of different types that respond to pathogens encountered by the human body. On Thursday, August 23, according to Newsweek.

It is noted that “microorgan” placed on the external side of the lymph glands to identify infection as early as possible. It managed to detect with the help of advanced technology under the name “3D microscopy”, by which scientists are “off” the immune system in action in the body of living animals.

“This allowed us to create three-dimensional images in real time, scanning layers of lymph nodes in live animals and conducting electronic imaging hundreds of patients,” explained study author Three Fan.

Discovered a new “microorgan” thin, flat, and makes itself known only when animals are dealing with the infection, which the body has never encountered. The revealed structure in the immune system called “subcapsular proliferative center.” It was possible to detect both in mice and in humans.

Earlier it was reported that one protein of the immune system helps HIV to infect cells.


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