Residential complex EDELDORF became the laureate prize in the field of real estate iBuild

Жилой комплекс EDELDORF стал лауреатом премии в области недвижимости iBuild

EDELDORF, a developer, which is the company EDELBURG DEVELOMPENT, was declared victory in the nomination “the Best residential project of the year” and the jury unanimously recognized residential complex business-class winner in this category!

The awarding ceremony was held last week in Parkovy center, which brought together developers from all over Ukraine.

The residential complex is being built at EDELDORF str, 42 in the Pechersk district of the capital. These two modern high-rise tower, memorable for its architectural design and concise style, located on a common stylobate, which is not only Parking, but also a courtyard with a covered area. Of the advantages of the complex is to emphasize the fact that all the flats species and glazing – panoramic. Each new day the future resident will begin with scenic views of the Dnieper, the monument “Motherland-mother” and Tsarskoye Selo. Also important is the fact that the complex blends harmoniously into the natural landscape of the area. The location is also convenient – proximity to business activity, sports, entertainment and shopping complexes, educational institutions, Central Botanical garden, the Singing field, the embankment of the Dnieper and the two stations on the green line metro station “Friendship of Peoples” and “cave” is something that is also worth paying attention to.

“We want the people EDELDORF perceived it not just as complex, and as the house in all senses of the word. So one of the principles of the company to sell not just square meters of housing, and a new style of life dictated by the modern trends and Western influences, because the buyer in this segment is quite demanding and spoiled, today he needed a unique product,” said Marina Kravchenko, commercial Director of EDELBURG DEVELOMPENT.

Жилой комплекс EDELDORF стал лауреатом премии в области недвижимости iBuild



The complex provides its own infrastructure, the filling of which will another advantage for the investor in choosing an apartment. This is a gym, a family restaurant, and a children’s room, and a beauty salon, and a spacious lounge with thoughtful zoning. Here, the management company of the complex will organize various events for the residents and their friends. It should be noted that EDELDORF is a high – tech residential complex with modern engineering, Autonomous boiler houses and security.

EDELDORF residential complex will be commissioned in the second quarter of 2020. Besides this project, EDELBURG DEVELOMPENT is constructing two residential complex in the same segment, EDELWEISS HOUSE, and “GRAD HEM VINTAGE”, which are also located in the respectable districts of Kiev.