“Residents of Azov” has threatened physical violence to MPs

"Азовцы" пригрозили физической расправой нардепам

Andrew Bielecki

Andriy Biletsky promises to oust Poroshenko and Rada in case of elections.

MP and the first battalion commander “Azov” Andrew Biletsky on the March near Parliament on Friday, 20 may, stated that if you attempt to hold elections in the Donbass, the regiment “will make” the Verkhovna Rada and the presidential Administration.

“This action-a warning…they (MPs – ed.) makes no sense to speak. They know only the language of fear. If they will see us, if they know: if you attempt such treacherous conduct of the elections, we will take this Parliament and up and find new members. These elections will never be,” – said Beletsky.

The politician said that “Azov” reserves the right to take any action in the case of neonate the issue of elections in the Donbas from the agenda.

“This is a warning. If it will not come back, the people have a right to defend itself, to defend its territory and its life by any means,” he said.

We will remind, today “Azov” conducts a March in the center of Kiev. In the words of Biletsky, in today’s March “Azov” was attended by about 10 thousand people.