Residents of ORLO told how to get a pension

Жители ОРЛО рассказали, как получают пенсию

In ORDA told how to get a pension

People stand in line for several days.

Residents of ORLO told them what they must do to receive payments from Ukraine. Video with their story published

Thus, according to one of the women, to indicate a foreign address when making from IDPs, they have to pay 100 UAH.

“To get, I need to order a taxi, because I can’t walk. The taxi cost is 50 rubles. 50 dollars, 50 ago. Overall, I have 500 hryvnia spent only on the road,” she said.

According to another resident ORDA to receive a pension, people are buying places in line at the savings Bank in the Village of Lugansk. Sometimes the process of issuing money is so delayed that some have to wait in line for several days.

We will remind, earlier in your POSTS gave the details of his humanitarian programme.


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