Restriction of movement of the car remains in two areas

Ограничение движения авто остается в двух областях

Ukravtodor reported on the state of the roads in Ukraine

Ukravtodor reported on the state of the roads of national importance in Ukraine as of 20:30 Wednesday.

Ukravtodor reported on the status of travel on state roads as of 20:30 Wednesday, 26 Dec. About it reports a press-Department service.

“The situation on the road M-03 in the Poltava region remains difficult. Because of the overlapping movement of the two trucks of the roadway near the town of Lubny and the village Krasnogorovka observed congestion at the entrances to these settlements. Also difficult is the situation on the road N-08 within the Poltava region”, – stated in the message.

At the same time, according to authorities, the tube is completely eliminated on the road R-42 Lubny-Myrhorod-Opishnya and T-17-16 Khorol-Semenivka-Kremenchug.

“To speed the clean-roads introduced a temporary restriction on the access is from Kyiv, Kharkiv and Kirovohrad (M-22) regions”, – reported in Ukravtodor.

There is also said that in Cherkasy region there is a restriction of movement of heavy and public transport on state roads M-01 Kyiv-Znamenka and H-08 Boryspil-Dnieper-Kiev-Mariupol.

At the same time in the Kirovograd area the restriction of movement for all types of vehicles on the road M-04 Znamianka station-PFC and M-13 Kropiwnicki-platonovo.

In turn, in Dnipropetrovsk region travel along the roads of the state value provided. Already removed all restrictions in the movement on highways of state importance M-04 Znamenka-Lugansk-Izvarino, N-08 Boryspil-Dnieper-Kiev-Mariupol-23 Kropiwnicki-Kryvyi Rih-Zaporizhia.

Earlier Ukravtodor staff on liquidation of consequences of emergency situations on motor roads of General use restricted movement of heavy and public transport in the three Central regions of Ukraine.

It was also reported that from 14:00 Wednesday, December 26 check-in Poltava region is closed for all types of transport in connection with snowfalls and snow drifts.

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