Results 10.01: Protests at the border and the head of the Privat

Итоги 10.01: Протесты на границе и глава Привата presents the main events of yesterday.

Saakashvili questioned for the shootings on the Maidan

The party leader of the new forces movement of Mikhail Saakashvili questioned for the shootings on the Maidan, which was allegedly involved snipers from Georgia. The politician spent four hours on interrogation in the Kiev Department of the SBU.

According to Saakashvili, the investigators were “very friendly and professional”, however, in his opinion, “the whole system is idle”.

PrivatBank has chosen a new head

The Supervisory Board of PrivatBank appointed Peter Krumhansl Chairman of the Board and appealed to the national Bank of Ukraine for the approval of his candidacy.

Krumhansl was born in 1966. By training he is a mathematician, graduated from the University in Prague, worked as senior Manager with leading banks in the European Union. The banker also has demonstrated its effectiveness in the Ukrainian banking market during the crisis of 2008.

The US imposed duties on wire rod from Ukraine

The US Commerce Department approved final antidumping duties on imports of carbon and alloy wire rod from Ukraine and South Africa.

The fee for production of the steel plant ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih and yenakiieve metallurgical plant will be 44,03%, and other manufacturers – 34,98%.

Police found on the body Mostovskoi the killer’s DNA

Examination revealed on the body of the murdered human rights activist Irina Moskovskoy traces of DNA belonging to a suspect Yuri Rossoshanskiy. This was stated by the head of the criminal police Vyacheslav Abroskin. According to him, the suspect also admitted his guilt in a conversation with him.

Activists blocked roads to the border with Poland

In the Lviv and Volyn oblasts protesters blocked roads near checkpoints of shehyni – Medica, Rava-Russian – Crest and Yagodin – Dorohusk, on the Ukrainian-Polish border.

The protesters oppose changes to the Tax code regarding the establishment of new customs rules for import of goods to Ukraine, which came into effect on 1 January.

Later, the checkpoints in the Lviv region has been unlocked. In Volyn region block a pass Yagodin continues.

The sentence Pukach for murder of Gongadze reduced

The court has listed “the law Savchenko” sentence for ex-the chief of Department of external supervision of the interior Ministry Aleksei Pukach, convicted of the murder of journalist Georgy Gongadze.

The court counted the prior 6.5 years of imprisonment as 13 years, basic sentence Pukach. Thus the convict had served more than 14 years in prison.

Ukraine lost its status as an exporter of pork

By year-end 2017 Ukraine imported more meat than it sold overseas. This is stated in the analytical report of the Association of pig producers of Ukraine.

Thus, the results of 2017 the export of pork from Ukraine in monetary terms exceeded its imports for 560 thousand dollars, and the export of live animals for 150 thousand dollars.


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