Results April 19: an Explosion in Kabul, velobike Klitschko

Итоги 19 апреля: Взрыв в Кабуле, велобайк Кличко

Vitali Klitschko bike presents the main events of yesterday.

In Russia helicopter crashes, three dead

In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district of Russia’s helicopter is crashed with three people on Board. “Helicopter “Robinson” made a hard landing. People aboard the aircraft were killed,” – said in the MOE.

The winners of the Pulitzer prize

At Columbia University (NY, USA) announced the winners of the Pulitzer prize 2016. The list of winners published on the official website of the award. The prize in nomination “For service to the society” received the Associated Press for the investigation of serious violations during the supply of seafood in U.S. supermarkets and restaurants. This investigation, as noted in the statement of the Committee helped to bring the perpetrators to justice and to initiate reforms.

In the capital of Afghanistan explosion at the U.S. Embassy

In the centre of the capital of Afghanistan Kabul thundered explosion. According to eyewitnesses, in the sky, see the smoke and hear the sounds of sirens at the U.S. Embassy. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said that the explosion in Central Kabul has killed and wounded.

Ukraine will continue to cooperate with the IMF

Ukraine will continue to cooperate with the IMF under the program of extended Fund facility EFF and are ready for further reforms, says the report of the national Bank following the visit of Valeria Hontareva at the annual “Spring meetings” of the IMF and the world Bank. “The reforms foreseen in the IMF programme, is a priority for us. At the meeting we confirmed that Ukraine is in the program and the new government will facilitate the continuation of cooperation with the IMF”, – stated in the message.

Scientists paralyzed the movement in the center of Kiev

In Kiev were hampered traffic on Hrushevskoho street because of the protest of scientists. Many protesters went in convoy to the buildings of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada, creating a tube, partially blocking the carriageway. Scientists require adequate financing, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and sectoral academies of Sciences.

The ex-mayor of Slavyansk arrest was extended for another two months

Chervonozavodsky district court of Kharkiv has left ex-mayor of Slavyansk Nelyu Shtepa behind bars for another two months. This was reported by press Secretary of the Prosecutor’s office of Kharkiv oblast Vita Dubovik. In Chervonozavodsky district court of Kharkiv continued to hear the case ex-mayor of Slavyansk Shtepa. At the meeting questioned three witnesses from the prosecution and four by the defense.

Poroshenko said that he agreed on Savchenko

President Petro Poroshenko said that he was able to agree on a preliminary algorithm for the liberation of Nadia Savchenko from Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Yesterday’s conversation with Putin was on my initiative, and based on preliminary experience, it seems to me that we managed to agree on a specific algorithm release of Hope,” said Poroshenko during joint with Prime Minister of Denmark Lars Rasmussen press conference in Kiev.

It was also reported that convicted in the Russian Federation Ukrainian pilots and MP Hope Savchenko stop the hunger strike.

Klitschko came to city hall on bike

The mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko said that from now on will go to work and in the Central part of the capital by bike. “I decided at work and in the Central part of the city to ride a bike. And some days I twist pedals not only during the morning practice,” wrote Klitschko in Facebook.

Zakharchenko once again postponed the election in DND

Another “decree” on the postponement of elections of local heads was signed by the head of the self-proclaimed DND Alexander Zakharchenko. According to the document, dated April 18, the day of the first local elections is transferred to the DNR from April 20 to July 24, 2016. “Decree” Zakharchenko October 9, 2015 has been repealed.

The self-proclaimed head LNR Igor Carpenter also issued a “decree” according to which the holding of local elections postponed to July 24.