Results April 22: Postponement of the debt and the issue of Savchenko

Итоги 22 апреля: Отсрочка долга и вопрос Савченко

Russia is suing Ukraine for Yanukovych debt presents the main events of yesterday.

Russia has twice raised the cost of transit of goods

The Russian government doubled the levy on foreign carriers for travel on country roads from 60 to 120 thousand rubles a year, said in a statement on the website of the Cabinet of the Russian Federation.

This document also increased the amount of the fare from 385 to 850 rubles. These fees apply to vehicles with carrying capacity from 3,5 to 12 tons inclusive.

The issue of releasing Savchenko solved

Politically the liberation of the Ukrainian pilot, MP Hope Savchenko decided. This was stated by the lawyer Ukrainka Nikolai Polozov on air of the 5th channel.

“In light of statements by officials, President Putin, Federation Council speaker Matvienko – politically the issue is resolved. Now the main question – in what time frame will be freed Nadezhda Viktorovna whether the Russian bureaucracy to put any obstacles, or is it all going to happen fast enough and will not be delayed for a few months, years, as usual in such procedure for issuance under the Convention,” – said Polozov.

Dekanoidze requests Avakov to dismiss Kivu

The head of Netpolice khatia Dekanoidze will initiate the dismissal of the head of Department of counteraction of narcocrime Ilya Kiva in connection with incorrect statements.

“I wish to apply for the dismissal of Kiva and hope that the Minister will support, because his words, especially about Atashikov, is unacceptable,” she said.

In Ukraine banned the symbols of the socialist party

Symbols of the Socialist party of Ukraine is banned on April 12 by the Ministry of justice. This order approved the legal opinion of the Commission on the implementation of the law “About the condemnation of the Communist and national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and the prohibition of propaganda of their symbols”.

The Commission considered the issue of compliance with the law of symbolism, and the name of the SPU. The name of the Socialist party of Ukraine does not contradict the law of decommunization. Also recognized that the Statute and programme of the party do not contain provisions which is the propaganda of the Communist totalitarian regime.

Receiving channel Ukraine poured “blood”

People who called themselves “activists of the front against the occupation”, poured red liquid reception of the TV channel Ukraine businessman Rinat Akhmetov. This was reported by one of the participants on his page in Facebook.

The report said that the reception room was flooded with blood “in protest against the broadcast of the TV series “No promise”.

The commander of the black sea fleet of Russia has handed over the suspected

The main military Prosecutor’s office handed over suspicion and summoned the commander of the Russian black sea fleet Vice Admiral Alexander Vitko in the most serious crimes against Ukraine.

According to the press service of the GPU, the suspicion has been officially handed over by the courier at the location of Vitko in Sevastopol on 18 April at 17:00. He was summoned for questioning on 25 April.

In the area ATO stopped the train

Ukrzaliznytsia from April 20 has transferred control of the railway movement in the area of the ATO from Donetsk on the territory they control, which resulted in almost complete suspension of railway traffic with uncontrolled territories.

“For more than 100 freight trains stand idle”, – said the representative of Metinvest company at the meeting of the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir omelyana with members of the European business Association (EBA) in Kyiv.

The Russian Federation agreed to postpone the hearing on the debt

Russia has agreed to defer the hearing of the case of the debt of Ukraine. About so reported the press service of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

“Unreasonable start position Russia has forced Ukraine to go to court with the request to extend the period for submission of objections to her claim. At the same time the Russian side, in the end, recognized the value of such deferral and decided not to waste court time on this issue, the solution of which Russia obviously would have lost”, – stated in the message.

The leader of the Union of left forces broke in Zaporozhye

In Zaporozhye local activists, including Ukrainian soldiers, volunteers, protesters, beat up the leader of the Union of left forces of Ukraine Vasily Volga. In addition, he was pelted with eggs and doused with brilliant green.

About a hundred people tried to block the Volga and the protection of the entrance to the office center, where he was to hold a press conference together with local representatives of the political force.

The OSCE is dissatisfied with the ban of Russian films

The ban of Russian films in Ukraine may have a negative impact on the freedom to disseminate information. This is stated in the statement of the OSCE representative on freedom of the media Dunja Mijatovic, published on the website of the organization on Friday, April 22.

“Even in a state of hostilities, democratic countries have an obligation to handle potentially problematic content, such as through the use of appropriate judicial mechanisms to avoid excessive steps and introducing measures similar to censorship,” said mijatović.

Meade 12 countries called for the abolition of visas to Ukraine

During the meeting in Latvia the foreign Ministers of the 12 European countries urged to immediately introduce visa-free regime with Ukraine and Georgia. This is stated in the press service of the foreign Ministry of Latvia.

“In the field of mobility, the Ministers noted the need without delay to provide a visa-free regime Ukraine and Georgia”, – stated in the message.

Ukraine has signed the Paris climate agreement

22 April 2016, permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko in the hall of the General Assembly signed the Paris agreement on climate change, reports on Twitter the mission of Ukraine to the UN.

“Ukraine signed the Paris agreement to combat climate change”, – stated in the message.

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