Results April 24: the death of the political scientist, Copanca amber

Итоги 24 апреля: Смерть политолога, копанки янтаря

In Rivne region found new Copanca amber presents the main events of yesterday.

In Armenia, recalled the victims of the genocide

Armenians around the world held a Day of remembrance of the victims of the Armenian genocide in Ottoman Empire in 1915. An important event was attended by the country’s leadership, clergy, representatives of diplomatic missions and international organizations.

The President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan appealed to the countrymen with a message, saying: “We will not allow a new genocide of Armenians”. “By “we”, I mean the entire Armenian nation, all its parts, referring to the Armenian unity”, – said Sargsyan.

In Rivne region found new Copanca amber

The state border service found with the help of small aircraft of new areas of illegal mining of amber in Rivne region.

The pilots inspected the rear of 1150 km2 parcels of border controlled areas. Recorded activity for possible illegal extraction of natural resources in areas near n Kunitskaya Will, Gretzky n, n of the Old Village of Rivne region. Carried out photo and video documentation.

Azerbaijan and Armenia reported the fighting in Karabakh

The parties to the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh reported battles with the use of not only small arms but also heavy artillery and tanks.

The defense Ministry of Azerbaijan said that at night the fighting the enemy used tanks. The Azerbaijani military has assured that full control of the situation. In turn, the Armenian defense Ministry said that the Azerbaijani military violated the ceasefire 18 times.

Merkel and Obama urged to quickly implement the Minsk agreements

Germany and the US further support the Minsk agreement designed to resolve the conflict in the Donbas. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on the parties to implement the document under the steps.

The US President Barack Obama said that the issue of lifting sanctions against Russia will be raised only when Moscow will be fully implemented the terms of the Minsk agreements.

In Chisinau there were clashes police with protesters

In Chisinau there were clashes between police and demonstrators demanding the government’s resignation and early elections.

Nearly seven thousand demonstrators, after marching through the centre of the city, gathered in front of the government building, which was guarded by hundreds of police. During clashes, protesters pelted police with eggs. Injured 14 security officers. In fact provoking the riots prosecuted. Guilty threatens till eight years of imprisonment.

In Kiev killed a famous political scientist

In Solomenskiy area of Kiev from the ninth floor of a building down the street Donets, 21-A fallen man. The deceased was a well-known political scientist Andrey Doroshenko. He worked at the Center for advanced legal initiatives, was a frequent guest for broadcast on television.

Police investigators this incident is pre-classified as murder (part 1 of article 115 of the Criminal code).

The BBC has announced a film-investigation about the crash of Boeing in the Donbass

The BBC company has announced a documentary film about the downed Boeing over the Donbas. The film will reveal “shocking new allegations about the shot down Malaysian Boeing MH-17”. Among the main versions of the tragedy – a passenger plane was shot down by a fighter plane, the bomb on Board planted by the CIA.

Reportedly rigged the crash of a passenger plane was arranged in order to discredit Russia, to show its barbarous country, and to impose even tougher sanctions against Russia and strengthen the presence of NATO troops in Europe, in Ukraine.

The documentary “Secret files: Who hit the Board MH 17?” will show on may 3.

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