Results may 11: the scandal at the Peacemaker, the care Zguladze

Итоги 11 мая: Скандал на Миротворце, уход Згуладзе

Data journalists was leaked presents the main events of yesterday.

Ukraine became the fourth in the world in number of refugees

Last year, the number of internally displaced people in the world increased by 8.6 million people, including at the expense of the Ukrainians. This is evidenced by the Norwegian Council for refugees (NRC) and the monitoring center in the case of internally displaced persons (IDMC). Leaders in displaced Yemen, Syria and Iraq, which last year registered more than 4.6 million internally displaced persons.

In Kiev killed the journalist, jumping from the window

In Solomenskiy district of Kiev journalist one of the channels out of the window. The man jumped out the window of the house on Solomenskaya street, 4/2. The result of the received traumas the man died. As it turned out, the victim was a journalist on TV channel Kiev.

Poroshenko has appointed another representative in the Cabinet

President Petro Poroshenko appointed the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Vitaliy Kovalchuk as his representative in the Cabinet. The corresponding decree published on the presidential website.

In March, the national debt has increased by 890 million dollars

In March 2016 the aggregate state (direct and guaranteed) debt of Ukraine increased by 1.4% (887,18 million dollars) to 65,237 billion. At the end of March government and government guaranteed debt amounted to 1 710,381 billion hryvnia (65,237 billion dollars) against 1 740,94 billion (of 64.35 billion) a month earlier.

To Savchenko’s birthday did not let the mother – lawyer

Lawyer convicted in Russia Hope Savchenko mark Feigin reports that her mother Mary was not allowed to date my daughter birthday. “Arrived in Rostov, going to prison in Novocherkassk. Only found out that Savchenko’s mother was not allowed to daughter’s birthday…”, – Feygin wrote on Twitter.

In Baghdad, ISIS has committed a terrorist act: over 60 victims

In the capital of Iraq, there was another terrorist attack, responsibility for which was assumed by “the Islamic state”. The explosion, which killed more than 60 people, occurred near a beauty salon at a busy market in the Shiite district of Baghdad Madinat-Sadr. The explosives were in the car.

Authorities compared the price of gas in Ukraine and Europe

The final retail price of natural gas for the population in Ukraine remains one of the lowest in Europe. This was announced by Deputy Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine Yulia Kovaliv on his page in Facebook. According to him, Naftogaz of Ukraine purchases natural gas for the needs of the population, not guided by any political agreements.

In the office of the subsidiary is being searched

The security service of Ukraine, the Prosecutor General and the staff of special forces “alpha” carried out a search of the Kyiv office of Ukrhazvydobuvannia. About this Economic truth said the source. According to the interlocutor of the edition, the seizure of documents and searches are carried out for the new team of the company, which was engaged in public procurement.

Zguladze leaves the position of the first Deputy Avakov

The Cabinet granted the request Eka Zguladze about freeing her from the post of first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs, announced interior Minister Arsen Avakov in Twitter. “Eka goes from the 1st Deputy. KM made a decision on her request. ECA will make a statement, don’t need rumors Sincerely: THANK you for the GREAT work!”, – Avakov wrote.

The EU froze the agreement on the abolition of visas for Turkey

The European Parliament has suspended work on the agreement on the abolition of visas for Turkish citizens. MEPs still adopted may 4 is an unwritten decision, but this became known only on the evening of 10 may.

In Poltava hanged journalist

Journalist Anatoly Melezhik found hanged in the apartment, which he rented on Lenina street in Poltava, reports referring to the representative of the local police Yuri Sulaeva.Arrived at the emergency operations group knocked the door and entered the apartment of the journalist. Anatoly Melezhik warned everyone that decided to commit suicide. On his page in Facebook posted the relevant text.

In Sochi there was an explosion in a military unit

In Energodar of Zaporizhzhya region on the territory of military unit, an explosion occurred, the victim as a result of explosion the officer hospitalizovani. The incident occurred on the evening of may 10. “In an explosion of unknown at the moment, the explosive subject of numerous fragmental wounds were got by 29-year-old officer of the military unit, which currently hospitalized,” – said the national police.

Putin launched the latest line of the power bridge to Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the command to launch the last, the fourth leg of the power bridge to the Crimea during a teleconference from Sochi. During the video, Putin was informed about the completion of construction and installation works and commissioning procedures, after which the President was allowed to run.

In Ukraine found the stolen paintings by Rubens

Ukrainian border guards found 17 stolen from an Italian Museum paintings. About it reports a press-service of the head of state. Thanks to a successful operation, the security forces managed to discover a collection of 17 valuable paintings by Rubens, Tintoretto, Pisanello, Mantegna and Karato stolen from the city Museum in Verona.

The scandal at the Peacemaker

The Prosecutor’s office of Kiev opened criminal proceedings concerning the disclosure of data on journalists who received accreditation in the LDNR. As the press service of the Ministry, these actions led to negative consequences, in particular, the journalists began to receive threats regarding their professional activities.

The talks, the Ministers Quartet

In Berlin ended the talks between the foreign Ministers “channel four”. Each of the parties made their statements to reporters.

Kolomoisky came to discuss Lutsenko

Businessman Igor Kolomoisky has arrived in Ukraine, the plane landed at the International airport “Borispol”. Together with Kolomoisky in Ukraine came with one of his business partner Gennady Bogolyubov and Igor Palitsa, who is known as a confidant of the businessman.