Reuters: Russia and Venezuela are conducting secret negotiations

Reuters: РФ и Венесуэла ведут тайные переговоры

Moscow loans saves the Maduro government against default in exchange for access to the oil fields, the media writes.

The Russian government to urgently credit of the Venezuelan government to save from bankruptcy the government headed by Nicolas Maduro. In return, Moscow will get access to the vast Venezuelan oil fields. This was reported by Reuters with reference to unnamed sources in political and business circles familiar with the negotiations.

According to the Agency, state oil and gas company PDVSA, already several months behind closed doors negotiating with Rosneft about investing in the most productive oil fields.

We are talking about approximately nine new sites in addition to the already available group of five objects, has informed Agency senior government officials in Caracas.

We will note, in April, Rosneft had paid more than $ 1 billion in exchange for a guarantee of future oil supplies, said the representative of the management of PDVSA. In at least two situations of the Russian money helped Venezuela to avoid default and President Maduro to stay in power.

Officially, the parties declined to comment to Reuters this information.

Earlier, Putin and Maduro discussed the situation on the world oil market.

According to the materials: