Reva: Corruption’ll disappear when you change the system for the provision of administrative Ukrainians

Рева: Коррупция исчезнет тогда, когда изменится система предоставления админуслуг украинцам

Social policy Minister Andriy Reva, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. 20.03.2017

Corruption will disappear when you change the system of providing administrative services to Ukrainians. This was reported by Minister of social policy Andrei Reva in “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“What are we waiting for? We expect that someone will be jailed or shot or hanged, we will feel better, corruption will disappear? Will not disappear. Corruption will disappear when we change the system of providing administrative services to the people. When will operate the principle: money follows the person. When officials will decide to whom, how much, what to give of material goods. Now, if we can change that, so put all corrupt officials who do not understand who would go into someone else’s, and then the system will work and when it will not be possible to steal, then corruption will be less. That’s all,” said Reva.

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Earlier, the EU delegation said that Ukraine needs a specialized anti-corruption courts.

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