Reva expressed hope that the pension “will asurement”, and will not increase all

Рева выразил надежду, что пенсию "осовременят", а не повысят всем

The Minister of social policy Andrei Reva in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 1.12.16

The “modernizing” of pensions is increasing payments for those who have a great experience, and earnings, not all. Social policy Minister expressed hope that goes that way, not “populist” is to raise everyone. About Andrei Reva said the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Modernity” is not increasing for everyone. “Modernity” is the restoration of social justice in the pension system… Can, or to restore justice and to “modernize” pension to those who have extensive work experience and earnings, or to distribute a little to all. Very often, with this dilemma was by giving away all 100-200 UAH, and everyone will be happy. In fact, this undermined the very foundations of the solidarity pension system. I think we will avoid this temptation to go down the path of populism, and carry out “modernization” of pensions. There is a significant increase in pensions needs to the people who earned it,” said Reva.

According to him, the first stage of the pension reform planned to spend this year, but it is not found money.

“We planned to start the first phase of the “modernization” of pensions this year. But in order for us to conduct this first phase, we had about 50 billion UAH. These tools we have today there physically as a result of certain decisions that were taken last year”, – said the Minister.

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Recall that according to the Memorandum of the IMF to reduce the high deficit of the Pension Fund of Ukraine intends to gradually adjust the legal age of retirement, adjust the tightening of the criteria for the minimum pension and to provide a single principle of granting pensions, to expand the base of contributions to social insurance, to provide equitable tax treatment of pensions and closer linkage of benefits to contributions.