Reva: for new pensions can come fighters LDNR

Рева: за новыми пенсиями могут прийти боевики ЛДНР

Andrei Reva

The Ministry asked the law enforcement officers involved in solving these issues.

The regional branch of the Pension Fund should exclude the legalization of militants LDNR elevated to receive Ukrainian pensions. On Thursday, 5 October, said Minister of social policy Andrei Reva during a conference on pension reform, reports UKRINFORM.

“Pay attention to strengthening control over the movement of people with uncontrolled territory. As now in connection with increase of pensions, the largest increase will receive precisely such categories of people as miners, metallurgists and others, I do not exclude the situation, when militants from the uncontrolled territories will try through various criminal schemes to try to go legit in the Pension Fund and social security authorities,” said Reva.

In this regard, the Minister appealed to law enforcement agencies and regional offices of the Pension Fund that are close to the area of the ATO, to take this point under special control.

As reported, the Verkhovna Rada on 3 October adopted a pension reform. N6614 for the bill in the second reading voted 288 deputies with the required minimum of 226 votes.