Review blogs: Europe increases the pressure on Kiev

The authors of section I–Correspondent discuss the situation in the Donbas, the plan of the new government, and the appointment of the head of the pole TIES.

The guarantor countries for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, placing increasing pressure on official Kyiv to force him to abide by its signed agreements. The other day foreign Minister of France and Russia stated that not only the amendments concerning the special status of Donbass, but also the electoral legislation for local elections in DNR and LNR should be taken by Kiev in the first half of this year.

“The statement of the countries-guarantors of the Minsk agreements, which are called in a specific timeline, to which Kiev is expected to result, encouraging a resolution of this stalemate. And I wish in the first place, this result was the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the relevant decisions. But while the Ukrainian politicians continue to use the theme of Donbass only for their own purposes, exploiting the military rhetoric,” reads the publication in Europe increases the pressure on Kiev: enough to “fool around”.

The author emphasizes that from the side of official Kiev any steps towards Donbas is not visible. “Apparently, the Ukrainian authorities are still not going to adopt the election law. But for their preparation at least is necessary, for about two months… it is obvious that with this power of peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbas it is impossible to achieve, because it is not enough just to adopt a law on local elections, you need to realize that with the current composition of official Kiev is extremely unlikely. But avoiding execution of the Minsk agreements, Kyiv thereby virtually recognize the independence of Lugansk and Donetsk national republics”, – sums up the blogger.

Kiev throws more and more military equipment and personnel to the frontline, without hesitation taking even the so-called “buffer zone”.Also there is information that in the near future to the line of contact will be implemented to deliver the party’s anti-tank weapons for the Ukrainian security forces, according to the material Kiev continues to amass troops at the Donbass.

The author notes that Kiev is making every effort to intensify the conflict, provoking not only the militia, but also civilians. The APU further reinforce the blockade of Donbas, closing the last of the checkpoints on the demarcation line. “All such actions of Kiev again proved the reluctance of the Ukrainian authorities at least to some extent, to implement the Minsk agreement. Already more than clear that while the country is ruled by a puppet Maidan government and Parliament are seated in the “party of war”, world Ukraine not to wait. As soon as possible to change this power, that means that early elections”, – says the blogger.

In Minsk on 20 April, resumed the negotiations of the contact group on conflict settlement in the Donbass, recalled in the publication Chronicles “truce”: the new hot spots in the Donbass and Poroshenko fears. During the talks, the representatives of LDNR raised the issue about the frequent shelling by the Ukrainian security forces. During the negotiations among the hotspots were identified as the territory of Donetsk airport, Horlivka and Svitlodarsk. “But, in addition to the above, the Ukrainian side creates another new hot spot by moving the checkpoint near Yelenovka 3 km closer to the positions in DNR permitted under the terms of the armistice “buffer zone”. Thus, the actions of the Ukrainian side creates additional risk of aggravation of the situation, as the APU is actually artificially creates a new hot spot, as was done with Yasinovataya and the industrial area. Information about this offense is already in the OSCE report, however, necessary concrete steps”, – stated in the material.

The author believes that Kiev, apparently, does not intend to listen and respond to accusations, even by international observers. “We have long understood that maintaining the ongoing conflict in the Donbas is only for Poroshenko and his cronies finally method not to lose your power,” he said.

According to the author, the current regime, in words demonstrating commitment to European values and commitment to the Minsk agreements, acts with gross violations of international law, at the same time trying to accuse the opposite side of ceasefire violations and failure of Minsk-2. “And, apparently, this “blood circus” will continue until, until the Ukrainians catch from the “euronavigacija”, don’t unite together and not throw these jerks out of power,” says the blogger.

In the Donbas is gaining momentum again civil war. Every day come reports of new attacks and new victims among both the military and among the civilian population, says the publication replaces Kiev mobilized for “righties”?

“Kiev is urging Ukrainians once again to kill and die, lavishing Eulogy “heroes” and cynically praising fate “to die for Ukraine”. But the moral psychological state of the Ukrainian army is getting worse every day. More and more Ukrainian soldiers are refusing to participate in this shameful fratricidal war and use any means to avoid becoming “cannon fodder”. The soldiers who realized the stupidity of death for the “Maidan government” run from this “service” all available means, he can. Some in desperation and is trying to settle scores with life,” the author notes.

He stressed that today in Ukraine is so dire living conditions that the Ukrainian military might have to choose between a rock and a hard place – on one hand, unemployment and death from starvation, on the other hand the prospect of being killed in a fratricidal war. “But more and more Ukrainian soldiers decide to escape from this vicious circle. APU soldiers increasingly side with the militia”, – sums up the blogger.

Volodymyr Groysman, the Prime Minister having the portfolio, continued its murderous economic policies Yatsenyuk, says the publication Groysman and the IMF: keep trying. “Volodymyr Groysman increases three times the salaries of the deputies and the people – the price of gas. Enchanting! However, nothing else from the protege Poroshenko and was not expected”, – said the author.

He also Grauman quoted as saying that his government was committed to fulfil in good faith obligations to the IMF, and therefore will set the economically justified prices for gas. “It is clear that after the gas price rise again will rise in price all utilities. This plus the fact that for the first two tranches of the IMF Ukraine has entered the period of flexible exchange rate, cut the social programs, raised excise taxes, increased tariffs, etc. In favor of the Fund, the Ukrainians are already paying more than 3 times more for gas! Groisman and more is going to raise up, to tighten the national belt. That is called “life on-new”, poroshenkos”, – stated in the material.

According to the author, this government is no prospect for Ukraine is not responsible. “They are not Ukrainian, and overseas politics, this is the first. Second – they don’t even assign the task to end peacefully the conflict in the Donbass. And third, the manipulation against the family. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next solution Groysman will raise wages to the government. Possibly, by Western funds, such as Saakashvili. So let the Europeans and the Americans then and our pensioners also pay. Anyway, why not raise salaries three times as teachers and doctors, and government officials – a charge for gas? Here it would only be fair, and not “new” – sums up the blogger.

At its first meeting, the Cabinet Groysman was appointed CEO “Ukrzaliznytsya” pole Wojciech Balczun, says the publication the Polish in the Ukrainian rock rake. “First, the appointment of Balcona is a direct violation of the law, because it does not have Ukrainian citizenship and does not know the state language. At the Cabinet meeting by the way he acted in the Polish language. The question is, how Balczun going to work with Ukrainians, and that “patriots” was criticized predecessors?” – asks the author.

Secondly, he said, the foreigners were already in the government, but “washed his hands without noise and dust”. Nobody even reviewed the work Jaresko and Abromavicius. If they worked well, then had to endure gratitude, if bad – to draw conclusions. But, based on the situation in the Ukrainian economy, optimism from attracting foreigners to control our little government, says the author.

In his opinion, not knowing the situation on the Ukrainian railway reform it can only be a formality. “Any international experience should be adapted to us. Need individual to implement reforms. It’s like a soup – each woman in his own brews.
Better Ukrainians Ukrainian issue will never be decided, but advisors may be foreigners. To give the reins to outsiders – is the braking distance, and the failure of the “Ukrainian railway” country feel in a month or two. Abromavichus too had high hopes, they say, will increase for Ukraine of quotas in Europe will lead investors. He will be remembered for a corruption scandal, which, by the way, knew Jaresko and was silent. Neither morality nor efficiency. It is obvious that the appointment of a Polish rocker General Director of “uz” is the path to nowhere. Not impressive. As Stanislavsky used to say, in Ukrainian the success of Balcona’t believe it!” – says the blogger.

President Poroshenko seems slightly subsided the tension of the last days, when at stake was a new Premiership and had all the strings to hold in their hands managing the process. “Volodymyr Groysman was appointed, and so there is time to do some fighting with windmills. The first thing Peter did for the old laws, shall we say, a little podrihtovali them – signed a law prohibiting new Russian films”, – says the publication windmills of President Poroshenko.

The author recalls that in General the Ukrainian authorities have never shown more than 430 films and serials of Russian production. “This is for the period from June 2015. Interest in the fight against the Russian motion-picture was shown and the U.S. state Department. This piece of legislation has caused a misunderstanding of the state Department. In the report on human rights in the world in 2015, said that the law of Ukraine on prohibition of display of Russian films often do not take into account their content,” notes the blogger.