Review blogs: Not politicians but the people will establish peace in Ukraine

The authors of section I – Correspondent discuss the situation in the Donbas, a change of government and the economy of Ukraine.

Recent events associated with the change of the Prime Minister and his Cabinet clearly demonstrate the inability of the Kiev authorities, says the publication, We consulted and Washington decided… “Some days the Ukrainian mass media distributed information that consultations are being actively pursued, with an emphasis on maintaining intrigue. Even the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt said on the eve of a landmark vote that the United States is ready to cooperate with the new government, “because familiar with the Prime Minister Groysman, because already familiar with him, however, as the speaker of the Parliament,” writes the author.

He stressed that, as predicted (or stated) Payette, the Prime Minister appointed Volodymyr Groysman, and here he de facto headed the government. “It is clear that no one and never thought to doubt navatanee candidates. Ukraine got used that such appointments without consultation with the state Department do not pass”, – says the publication.

The author notes that by and large, the US absolutely do not care — who will head the government of Ukraine. Importantly, to ensure compliance imposed by Washington rules of the game, and the appointee clearly acted according to the White House program. “And Groisman these terms completely agree. Today in Ukraine is in any position in fact the feeder. No wonder that Mr. Yatsenyuk for two years the Prime Minister became a billionaire dollar”, – says the blogger.

For the third year in our country international politics with their chain of Ukrainian politicians are conducting an experiment on the Ukrainian people. “We are under pressure prices and tariffs destroy our economy. Push us in the crucible of the civil war. A total propaganda breathes into the ears lie in order to conceal the truth. Frankly destroy us. And only thanks to God and the Ukrainian people are still not destroyed. But so indefinitely is not sustainable”, the article reads Not politicians but the people will establish peace in Ukraine.

The author notes that all opinion polls say about the three most important desires of Ukrainians: 1. World. 2. Order. 3. Well-being. “Please note, in that order, world-order-well-being… the Ukrainians! Native! Don’t expect these politicians of the world. I already know very well – opportunists, liars and thieves. Include public diplomacy! Only we, the people, capable to establish peace in Ukraine. I will have peace, will come and order, and justice, and welfare. , “emphasizes the blogger.

Again and again in the Ukraine began a period of “mummers”. “With an enviable constancy the authorities organize people costumed “ambulatories” and “Nativity scenes”. Advisers-political strategists well remember “the commandments” ancient “Bread and circuses”. Bread harder and harder, so I decided to increase the portion of the “circuses”, – says the publication of the Power – mummers. The people fooled.

The author stresses that began, as usual, with cross-dressing or his attempts. ‘ve been thinking – almost half a year, and that changed the government. Changed conditionally, because the lion’s share of the actors of the troupe “popular front” remained the same. “The main Gasbuddy COP, Maidan Wallet, Cultural-Russophobe, Boy – sociopolitic, Soldier, Minister, Ambassador-physicist, Lawyer, Vice-boyar, Fatty-athlete. These older, experienced actors change in the air and dressed up in new clothes “a democratic, European, Patriotic den” and intend to “drive a goat” as much as they will allow omoidasenai and fooled people,” – emphasizes the author.

According to him, the people all the time put on the head caps, like in the good old days of the “jesters” and “fools”. In common parlance, still you can hear the word “cap” in the “narrow-minded, simple-minded people”. “Capacabana” has a huge number of synonyms: inflation, abdouramane, the buffaloes, cheating, fooling, blowing, ohmurenie, obstaravanie, etc. to Each – to choose from, depending on the level of culture, education, moral level. “Maybe it is time for the people to remove headgear and to Wake up from Maidan bus fumes? May withdraw, pulled him Main producers of theatrical hats?” – sums up the blogger.

Approving, supporting the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, the Parliament adopted the programme of activities of the new government. Today, experts are trying to analyze the document, but no one thinks about the procedure of its adoption. “As you know, the program of the Cabinet of Ministers should be drawn on the basis of programs of each Ministry, be made by the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers and then submitted for approval to the Parliament”, – stated in the material Realities of Ukrainian politics: neither the Premier, nor the program of the CMU.

The author emphasizes that now, lounging in the armchair of the Prime Minister and having received the annual immunity, Groisman said about the need a week to study the situation, to issue a plan for stabilization. “Well sort of and not from the street got into the government, and not understand what is happening in the country. What he has prescribed in his pseudoprime? Some kind of political schizophrenia. Successor Groisman Andriy Parubiy also back does not graze. From questions about the number of bayonets in the coalition while deftly out. But no matter how much they hide, how PAVA egg, a lie sooner or later will be revealed,” sums up the blogger.

Kiev continues to insist that from our side complied with the ceasefire and not firing on residential areas and homes on the territory of the breakaway republics, it is stated in the material In the framework of the “truce”: the AFU shelled Donetsk again, burning houses and schools. “In fact, the armed forces of Ukraine “in the framework of the armistice” regularly shelled not only private and apartment houses of Donbass, but schools, and even kindergartens. All during the fighting on the territory of DND suffered more than 15 thousand houses and more than four thousand apartment houses, about 600 families in need in the provision of new housing,” – said the author.

He stressed that the Ukrainian security forces to act against civilians, who are already in difficult conditions. According to the United Nations, victims of the armed conflict in the Donbas were more than 9 thousand people. From September 2014 in Minsk, the contact group adopted three documents which regulate the steps to de-escalate the conflict, including a ceasefire, a ceasefire and the withdrawal of heavy military equipment from the contact line. “However, after the signing of armistice agreements between the parties to the conflict continue shooting. Such actions once again prove the failure of Kiev to respect the Minsk agreements and the deliberate genocide of the population of Donbass”, – says the blogger.

What came to the country for two years, the authorities of the “chief reformer” of Arseniy Yatsenyuk and how did the living conditions of the population after the Maidan were analyzed by the author publication Statistics Yatsenyuk: Counted – to tears. “Gross domestic product GDP of Ukraine during this time, even fell, and clattered down from the top. In 2013, it amounted to 183 billion US dollars and registered growth of about 4 percent. In 2014, the State statistics service counted 131 billion and a fall of 28 percent. In 2015, the rate was reduced another 10 percent. Today, economists estimate, the real figure for the year 2014-2015 has decreased almost twice and is around 80 billion dollars”, – are given in the publication of statistical data.

According to the methodology of the International labour organization, unemployment in Ukraine is equal to 10%. In total, 16.5 million able-bodied citizens account for more than 1.6 million unemployed. Taking into account inflation and other indicators, real wage growth has stopped, and in 2014 the purchasing power of the average Ukrainian was almost 10 percent lower than a year earlier, and in 2015 it decreased by 20 percent.

“Despite the collapse of the economic indicators of the country, Yatsenyuk has repeatedly urged the Ukrainians and the West that his government is the most successful in recent years. However, it is worth considering that the result of the ex-Prime Minister’s policy was the decline of the Ukrainian economy, rise in crime and a decrease in the level of social protection of citizens”, – sums up the blogger.

Ratings as Petro Poroshenko, and the new Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman are at the possible minimum, however, the President not going to give up. “And the war in the Donbas appears to be the most effective method of maintaining power method of robbing the country, earning profits, and diverting the public from outrageous corruption at the highest levels. There is a pattern: the louder flare up scandals with the participation of Poroshenko and his entourage — the intense shelling in the Donbass”, – noted in the article War is a method to distract the public from the scandals and corruption of the regime Poroshenko. According to the author, the main drawback is that the Minsk format is still not passed in the format of direct negotiations between Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk, i.e. still not something happened that require world leaders – the US, EU and even Russia itself. “To definitively establish the dictatorship of chocolate, Poroshenko and handed Vinnytsia “Diaspora” led by Groisman in the government. The only thing left is to appoint “their” man by the Prosecutor General”, – says the blogger.

An interesting article was published on April 16, one of the most popular English sites under the name “War in Donbass: the Circles of hell” (War in Donbass: Circles of hell), its author is an Englishman Jan Greenhalgh (Ian Greenhalgh). “The conclusions of the European the author presented in the article, once again break the patterns of “national” worldview “svidomye” Ukrainians, as it shows that the Ukrainian “warriors of light and characters of good”, providing so-called “furious resistance of Russian aggression”, are murderers and war criminals. Moreover, these are all the shocking brutality of its crimes under the guise of higher governmental authorities of Ukraine. The article also refers to violations of international norms in the field of human rights by state authorities, non-governmental organizations and armed groups on the territory of Ukraine”, – stated in the material the Shock to “svidomye”: a View from Europe on the war in the Donbass.

According to the author, this article is a real insight from Europe on the present state of consciousness of the Ukrainian society and in Ukrainian justice and the so-called Ukrainian “European values”. “The current Kiev government finally discredited himself and the state of Ukraine in the eyes of the world community. Not only the authoritative European media, but also ordinary Europeans indicate heinous crime, unprecedented corruption and grandiose lie of the Ukrainian authorities”, – says the blogger.

The American New York Times partially rehabilitated, according to the material of Foreign Policy. Foreign media about the situation in Ukraine. “Remember he said that some hooligans wanted to send her a fake interview with President Petro Poroshenko? Such a transparent hint on previous negative publicity – they say it happens to everyone. But here’s take two: not less respected publication – the American magazine Foreign Policy gave their view on the topic of Ukraine and its President Petro Poroshenko,” writes the author.

He stressed that the reason for the endless patience of the West is quite obvious. Kiev is in a state of confrontation with Russia, a country which many in NATO considered a major threat, which gives Ukraine’s symbolic and strategic importance.

“Ukrainian oligarchs know this and use it. That is why all attempts to force Kyiv to take responsibility for the lack of reforms in response cause an explosion of outrage, designed to remind the West that the oligarchs give a rebuff to Russia, fight for democracy and protect Western values,” concludes the blogger.

As the results of a survey of sitzgruppe “Rating”, nearly 60% of Ukrainians called the war in Donbass, the main problem of Ukraine. Among the most acute problems cited corruption and unemployment. “In particular, according to the survey 57% of respondents said that the main problem of the country is fighting in the Donbas, which should be soon. Problem # 2 according to the Ukrainians is a monstrous corruption in state agencies, recognized 45% of respondents. And for 30% of Ukrainian respondents, the main problem was unemployment. Also citizens of Ukraine complained of low production, lack of control over rising prices, the devaluation of the hryvnia, uneasy relations with Russia”, – said in the article Ukrainians are most concerned about the war and unemployment.

Moreover, according to the survey, half of Ukrainian citizens are sure that in the coming years, the situation in the country will not become better. Only 5.8% of respondents believe that in 2016 the economic crisis will end and economic growth, and 32,9% of respondents believe that the economic crisis will only deepen, 23.5 per cent and did predict the economic collapse, default and massive unemployment. To 32 percent, with despair have declared that their situation quite unbearable. “So, two years have passed since the beginning of the so-called “revolution of a gidnost”, which was so proud of Ukrainians, and any promised from the stage of euromaidan no one has seen… What would happen to the country next? In Rivne region introduced natsbatalony to fight with the poor, driven to despair by amber miners. 40 thousand demobilized veterans of the armed anti-terrorist operation start robbing on the roads, buses and taxis. On the streets robbing stores, jewelry stores and beat ordinary people for packages with food and gold earrings – so do kill. The country is every day more and more sinking into unemployment, poverty and utter hopelessness. How many more will be able to endure all this, the Ukrainians?” – sums up the blogger.

Ukrainian citizen and patriot, as well as non – faction Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Borislav Bereza donated about 5 thousand dollars on development in the Central Kiev synagogue. “At first glance this generous gesture of the giver is not surprising – after all, Borislav Bereza does not hide his Jewish background and commitment to the faith of the patriarchs. However, to hide this fact of the biography Borislav born in Orthodox Jewish family of Efim Abramovich Blachere and Emilia Grigorievna Birch, it would be quite difficult. Even though Borislav E. hastened to change too calling his father’s name to the more neutral – mother”, – stated in the material Phony patriotism of Birch.

The author notes that, perhaps among conflicting facts and deeds of Birch is particularly unpleasant surprise of Ukrainians Declaration on incomes of the head of the party “Strong citizens”, in which the people’s Deputy registered 76 thousand hryvnias in the form of annual income and about 3 million hryvnias received by his family “in the form of gifts, prizes and sweepstakes”. “More than 130 thousand hryvnias he gives in the synagogue at the time, as veterans of the ATO have to keep the ends in the long months waiting for promised government payments. However, the troubles of the Ukrainian defenders of the Motherland and former party allies worried about Borislav E. just a little, as well as the troubles of former oligarchs on whom he profited in pre-revolutionary Ukraine. After all, most “professional revolutionary” care about their own profit. This means that all the promises and actions of a Jew-Banderites and small political adventurer Birch – basswood. As well as his patriotism,” concludes the blogger.

In Kiev, the new spring fever is in the center of the Ukrainian capital has offered to install the monument former U.S. President Ronald Reagan. The proposal, as usual, issued in the form of a petition on the official website of the Kyiv city state administration (KCSA), according to the material the First American President. The initiator of the idea — the head of the Ukrainian society of economic freedoms Marian zablocki. “He thought through all the details of the future project. The monument itself is proposed in the government quarter on the site of the dismantled monument to the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Ukraine Dmitry Manuilsky. Entertaining the idea. However, it is in the spirit of the time. Today in Ukraine in the honor of other values. Appropriate and argumentation. The author of the petition believes that the need for the installation of the monument to former U.S. President in the center of Kiev due to the fact that Reagan until the end of his days was a staunch defender of the independence of Ukraine and other countries affected by the Communist system,” writes the author.

Zablocki argues that the idea of placing the monument was supported by the American “project of the legacy of Ronald Reagan”, however, it is proposed to install “at the expense of concerned citizens of Ukraine and the United States.” “It’s painful to watch dumbed-down “Patriotic” propaganda, the people joyfully abandons its past, turning to Ivan, not mindful of kinship. So before it is too late, the Ukrainians ought to recognize behind the mask of false patriotism the true enemy of our homeland,” – says the blogger.