Review blogs: the Fight for history

The authors of section I – Correspondent discuss the situation in the Donbas and Minsk agreements.

Today another rattle of cannon fire on all fronts: military, political, economic, informational, and spiritual, according to the material the World has changed.

“The third world war started just after 9 may 1945. And all these years continues. It is completely different ways, but always for the sake of victory of one party. And we won… Hegemon is minimized. All changes thoroughly. And Ukraine…

My dear Motherland never ceased to be a cusp point for all sides of this war. And this bowl is primarily an internal struggle we are determined to drink to the bottom.

What will happen next, how and when, I will not say. Partly because don’t know for sure. Partly because even with his meager, frankly, limited mind, could guess something really is happening. Why give the enemy understanding? May they still see themselves as heroes and victors. One may want to say to my enemies. Remember the important words that you hate the great Patriotic war – nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten,” the author writes.

To many it seems strange manic desire of the government of Ukraine to increase utility tariffs and make them not lifting for the majority, writes the author of the blog takes Groisman Ukrainians “by the throat” new tariffs.

“What many people pay for utilities just don’t have the money because they already can’t pay on current rates, the government is not particularly worried about it. Ukraine is becoming a country less comfortable for living. It seems that the IMF has put before the Ukrainian authorities the target of reducing the population on the territory of Ukraine – and they are glad to try,” – said the author.

Another mysterious and tragic death occurred in the Ukrainian capital.
This time the victims were well-known Ukrainian political analyst Andrei Doroshenko, writes the author of the blog post on the subject.

“The suicide version in this case sounds more untenable than that recognized by the investigators. But if it is still premeditated murder, which, probably more like the truth, then who and what to kill the scientist? Is murder with professional activity Doroshenko? And most importantly – who and why took his elimination? It is clear that to know the exact answers to these questions at the moment is hardly possible, but still worth to try to get a General impression about the personality of the deceased and possible versions of the tragedy.

Previously. he worked at the Institute of global strategies, was also the assistant to the Deputy people’s Parliament Taras Chornovil, what former MP said on his page in Facebook. The last five years candidate of historical Sciences Andrey Doroshenko worked as an expert of the Center for advanced legal initiatives. It is also worth mentioning that according to the Ukrainian portal “the legal Foundation of good practice initiatives”, which worked Doroshenko, was associated with the leader of the movement “Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk,” the author writes.

It seems that in the near future Poroshenko will have to deal with the personnel issue. This time in the Department of combating drug trafficking of the MIA of Ukraine, says the author of the blog Kiva blurted out.

“What is so seditious said the head of the narcotics? Here a matter of principle. The point, apparently not that said Kiva, and that he wasn’t supposed to say.

Quotes from an interview with Ilya Kiva:
– to get access to some drugs, you need to get to the power;
– opium among Ukrainian politicians already unpopular. Now the most fashionable various psychotron on them, according to police, some staff sitting in the Prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of interior, in particular “werewolves kocinski” from OCD.

Kiva also spoke about those who distribute drugs and even named specific names. And Kiva encroached on the sacred – on Atashikov. Sauce, one word.

The head of the National police of Ukraine khatia Dekanoidze now initiates the dismissal of Ilya Kiva,” the author writes.

Senior, albeit former, member, U.S. Department of State John Cohen gave an interview to the American magazine “Foreign Policy”, the article reads As ex-hosepower corruption in Ukraine was looking for.

“Cohen is not your average politician and his evaluation of events is not an ordinary conversation. His mouth enclosed the thoughts that can in the near future interesting come back to haunt presidential campaign Petro Poroshenko, and himself. While Cohen no less, accused the “government” of Ukraine in corruption and willingness “to undermine the country’s democratic development”. Cohen said that in relations with Ukraine, “it’s time to get the whip” by denying her foreign lending up until Kiev will not show real reform. Thus, in the heads of American citizens gradually lay the perception of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, more recently, the former one of the closest “friends” as corrupt and dictator,” – says the author.

In Ukraine was a serious struggle for history and for the minds of Ukrainians, I am sure the author of the blog the Struggle for history: Ukraine is becoming a police state.

“Hot iron Ukrainian jingoists under the leadership of the Kiev authorities are trying to burn from the memory of any mention of the involvement of the Ukrainian people to the Victory in the great Patriotic war. Destroyed the monuments, renamed towns and streets, the textbooks are rewritten, distorted historical facts, are replaced or transferred holidays. And for the negation of Ukrainian nationalism or St. George’s ribbon in the current Ukraine is quite possible to end up in jail or at least being beaten by a group of fascist thugs. “Svidomye” layer of Ukrainian society literally cringe at the mere mention of the Victory over fascism. The closer may 9, the fiercer wails of the Ukrainian sound “hurrah-patriots”. And the closer the Day of Victory, the more absurd are attempts of the Kiev authorities to suppress any manifestations of disagreement with the new Ukrainian nationalist ideology,” the author writes.

Trying by any means to avoid the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements, Kiev continues to invent and produce the Donbass new impossible requirements, according to the material again Kiev puts forward ultimatums, but would not perform Minsk-2.

“Not paying attention to the demands of Germany and France, which said that the elections in the Donbas must be held “in any weather” in the first half of 2016, President Poroshenko reiterated that a political settlement of the situation and the conduct of elections in the region is possible only after solving the question of security.

Simply put, the purpose of the Kiev authorities – in whatever was to disrupt Minsk-2 – has not changed. At the moment, most questions on elections in the Donbas region remains inconsistent. In Minsk from April 20 to resume negotiations of the contact group. But here representatives of the Ukrainian authorities demonstrate unwillingness for constructive dialogue, inventing cockamamie excuses and placing impossible demands on the representatives of the militia. So, as a condition of holding elections in the Donbass, the representatives of the Kiev authorities was required to restore broadcasting of Ukrainian TV channels on the territory of DND and LNR. Without this, according to the Kiev delegation, the Ukrainian candidates lose the opportunity of contact with the population of Donbass,” writes the author.

The Ukrainian command again returns to the zone of the so-called anti-terrorist operation soldiers from the most violent dobrobytu, writes the author of the blog returns to Kiev for the Donbass fighters “Tornado”, “Azov” and “Aydar”.

“According to intelligence, in Stanichno-Lugansk the area seen by the former soldiers of the battalion “Tornado”, which became widely known for his military crimes against civilians. Now this battalion was renamed into the battalion “Odessa”. Also in the area of the settlement Happiness seen natsbatalony fighters of “Aydar” and “Azov”, also became widely known for his drunken brawls and brutality against the local citizens.

Local residents of Donbas in one voice say that the so-called fighters of natsbatalony type “Tornado”, “Azovo”, “Aydarov” and “Right sector” is the most terrifying warriors going to war not by coercion, but by conviction,” the author writes.