Review of blogs from transposition Lozhkin-rainin amount will not change

In the event of a change of the head of Administration of the President we should not talk about staff turnover and about the escape, said the politician Vladimir Oleynik. “In fact, there is no difference – Lozhkin, rainin, or someone else will lead the AP. Not from them depends the future of Ukraine”, – he said. According to Oleynik, the power in Ukraine should not be Pro-Western and Pro-Ukrainian. Unfortunately, today at the helm of the gathered representatives of national minorities, it is necessary that the country was ruled by Ukrainians.


The situation in Ukraine was the focus of the 25th dialog forum “Weimar triangle”, ended on 29 August. Following the meeting, the foreign Ministers of Germany, Poland and France signed a General statement. They expressed dissatisfaction with the implementation of the Minsk agreements on Ukraine and asked to continue efforts to resolve the conflict.

Alas, most likely the current Maidan government in Kiev led by Petro Poroshenko will leave discontent of the “Weimar triangle without attention. The more that Kiev politicians are not the first to ignore the position of the European partners in the “Weimar format” emphasizes the blogger Bogdan Shevchenko.


The Cabinet has prepared a bill, which in September will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada. According to the document, sale issued in the Russian Federation books will be banned in Ukraine after Russian and Soviet movies, and television series. This bill requires the establishment of a public Council, which will include experts of different fields. Importers will be required to provide book production from Russia for the analysis of this public Council, after which the experts will provide their opinion on the possibility of its importation into the country. The bill will be distributed exclusively on book production from Russia, stresses the publicist Ivan Sirko.


Ukrainian radical nationalists made another attack on the Russian centre of science and culture in Kiev. Vandals attacked the Rossotrudnichestvo and disfigured facade. According to the head of centre Konstantin Vorobyov, probably it was the activists of the radical group “C14”, which, shouting provocative slogans, and painted the building. Thus the Ukrainian authorities hide behind the volunteer battalions and radical groups, allowing the nationalists to do for himself all the dirty work, says the writer Valerian Pidmohylny.