Revival. Solar power station in Chernobyl

Возрождение. Солнечная электростанция в Чернобыле

Near the exploded reactor of the Chernobyl NPP was opened solar power

A hundred meters of the exploded fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant opened a solar power capacity of one megawatt.

Ukraine officially opened the first solar power plant, built in the Chernobyl exclusion zone almost in front of the sarcophagus over the fourth reactor exploded in 1986.

Western media pointed out the benefits of solar energy development in Chernobyl and the attractiveness of Ukraine for investors in green renewable energy. Корреспондент.net tells details.

The power plant near Chernobyl sarcophagus

In Ukraine launched a solar power plant in the Chernobyl zone – where there was the biggest disaster of the “peaceful atom” in the history of mankind.

The accident occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on the night of 26 April 1986, when after a failed industrial experiment station personnel lost control over the reaction, and the reactor was completely destroyed.

Of the 30-kilometer zone were evacuated more than 100 thousand people, in the aftermath of an accident involving more than 600 thousand people. Around the plant was created by the so-called exclusion zone from which evacuated the two cities of Pripyat and Chernobyl, and 74 villages.

To date, elevated levels of radiation observed in a radius of 260 kilometers around Chernobyl. At the beginning of last year it was reported that the radiation background around the new arch of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant fell more than two times after sliding, the new safe confinement.

The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Pripyat before and after

Built power plant has about 3.8 million solar panels, located on the territory of 1.6 hectares around the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant – a hundred meters away from the sarcophagus that covers it.

This station produces the energy of one megawatt. It is enough to provide electricity to about two thousand apartments.

Solar ES built joint Ukrainian-German company Solar Chernobyl Group. It spent about one million euros.

The company hopes to achieve a capacity of 100 megawatts by the end of 2019. One of the investors of the project were the consortium Enerparc AG, is contemplating to set in the exclusion zone several SES. The second company – Ukrainian homeland.

“We have plans to develop this project, to expand it to 100 MW. And we’re working on it”, – said the head of Enerparc AG Evgeny Baragin.

Solar power plant in the Chernobyl zone enjoys preferential tariffs which guarantee a price for electricity.

The Ukrainian government is also considering the possibility of construction in the exclusion zone of several solar and wind power plants.

As solar energy will revive Chernobyl

More than half of electricity in Ukraine is generated at nuclear power plants. For the first time since 2000, when it was finally stopped by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, this site produced electricity.

“This is not just another solar power station is the only station located 100 metres from the nuclear reactor that exploded in 1986. It is difficult to overestimate the symbolism of this project”, – told reporters Varlagin, quoted by Reuters.

Even bears. As nature returns to Chernobyl

As Bloomberg wrote, the development of solar energy in Chernobyl has a lot of advantages. The level of solar radiation on a horizontal surface is fairly high.

In addition, unlike agriculture and other industries, the energy sector requires almost no human intervention. And high voltage transmission lines, the remainder of the plant, it is easy to adapt to solar panels.

In addition to the already existing infrastructure, the task is facilitated by the presence of nearby settlements specialists.

The argument in favor of the plant – and the fact that the land in the exclusion zone unfit for agricultural use due to residual radioactive substances.

Photovoltaic panels produce electricity due to the fact that photons of sunlight to release electrons in the top silicon layer, after which these electrons flow into the lower silicon layer, creating an electric current.

The French newspaper La Monde writes that Ukraine is becoming very attractive to investors in green renewable energy.

“Ukraine has high rates in this respect in Europe and among the highest in the world”, – the newspaper writes.

According to the newspaper, the lowest price adjacent to the Chernobyl NPP of the land in addition to the development of the electricity network becomes an additional factor of attractiveness.

La Monde also notes that Ukraine is trying to develop its own energy sources, given the crisis in relations with Russia.


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