Rinat Akhmetov congratulated the fans with the 80th anniversary of the miner

Ринат Ахметов поздравил болельщиков с 80-летием Шахтера

Rinat Akhmetov

The President of Shakhtar Donetsk appealed to the fans through the official website of the team

“I heartily congratulate the fans, veterans, team, staff and entire football family of the miner with the 80th anniversary of our club!

To each of you today, I sincerely want to say a huge thank you! Thank you to our fans. You – the most valuable thing a miner. Thank you for your support, for your experiences! For what the miner in your heart.

Thank you to our players! Thanks for a bright, spectacular football. And most importantly: thank you for the fact that, despite all the difficulties and complexities, despite the fact that for 2 years you play on foreign fields, you are doing everything possible for the club’s victory. Thanks guys!

A huge thank you I want to tell Mr. and his assistants. We have come a long way together and achieved great success. We were a family. And together shared the joy of victories and bitterness of defeats. For 12 years under the leadership of Mircea Lucescu’s Shakhtar have won 22 trophies: UEFA Cup, 8 League titles, 6 Cups and 7 super cups of Ukraine. And every trophy is very big work and wisdom of Mister.

I never imagined that I would say goodbye to Mister. Coach Lucescu today I say thank you, but Lucescu friend I don’t say goodbye: I will always come to him, and he always comes to me. Really we fans thank Mr. at Donbass Arena. And I am confident that the Donbass arena will be standing to applaud Lucescu.

Today at the miner’s jubilee – 80 years we are writing the history of our club. The story of different lives and generations, the history of struggle and achievements. And I am sincerely grateful to the veterans of the miner. For tradition, a solid Foundation for what you had created the glory of the miner’s huge to you thanks and low bow.

I want to tell all our fans that we don’t put your hands down. And before him we will set the most ambitious goals. We will fight for every trophy.

I believe that in the Donbass will definitely be back the world, and the miner will be back at their home Donbass Arena. In a crowded stadium again will sound the anthem of the Champions League. And we all will stand cheering for our team!

Happy holiday, dear friends! Happy anniversary!“, quotes Rinat Akhmetov, the official website of the miner.

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