Rivne nuclear power plant disconnected the unit for repair

Ровенская АЭС отключила энергоблок на ремонт

Fixing the third unit RNPP will last until 14 September

The third unit is disabled for scheduled maintenance on 113 days. In April it decreased the power.

The Rivne nuclear power station on Saturday, may 25, disconnected from the network the third power unit for planned repairs. About it reports a press-service of the plant.

Reportedly, the unit was turned off at 08:14 in accordance with the agreed bid due to a malfunction in the purge system of the primary circuit.

“The power unit is stopped, followed by the conclusion in the average outage duration of 113 days, until September 14, 2019”, – stated in the message.

They also reported that as of may 25, in the work are three units with a total load in 1810 MW, and for the past day the power units were produced 66.3 million kWh of electricity.

“Violations of limits and conditions of safe operation was not. Radiation, fire and environmental condition at the RNPP and the surrounding area has not changed and is within the existing norms”, – added at the plant.

As reported, in April, on the Rivne NPP there was a lower power unit №3. His work regained during the day.

And in the evening on April 29 at the RAES the fire occurred due to damage of the transformer.


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