Roach: Sorry, but it seems to me that the best days already behind Golovkin

Freddie roach believes that in a potential fight Alvarez – Golovkin wins Mexican.

Famous coach Freddie roach said that in his opinion the best form of former Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin is already behind us. Roach said that if a third fight with Golovkin Saulem Alvarez is still held, then the winner would have won at Mexican.

“Who will win? Canelo. Because he’s the best fighter. Golovkin… I’m sorry, but I feel that his best days are behind us,” roach was quoted by FightHype.

Recall that Golovkin’s next fight will be on June 8th against the canadian boxer Steve Rolls.

Earlier, Golovkin said that he hoped to meet with Alvarez for the third time.

According to the materials: