Robotic pharmacies continue action “Cosima prices” in September

Роботизированные аптеки продолжают акцию "Косимо ціни" в сентябре

With the advent of the new academic year, the issue of savings is particularly acute. Parents of kindergartners and students spent a lot of effort and money on training.

Now they want to restore the resources are forced to “tighten their belts”. And what about the purchase of needed medicines, related products and daily hygiene products? Robotic pharmacies have entered a large-scale action “Cosima prices”* in August and continue in September. Discounts up to 25% relate to various popular items.

The promotion is valid from 01.08.2019 for 30.09.2019 year. A two-month discount season allows all buyers of robotic pharmacies under the brand “Apteka penny”, “Blagoda”, “Pharmacy ants” to acquire the important goods for a reduced price. The promotional offer is valid for the whole territory of Ukraine. Inhabitants of the regional centres or small towns have the same opportunity to make a profitable purchase. On the list of promotional products and discounts you can ask the pharmacist robotic pharmacies. The offer is valid until the required position available.

Than robotic pharmacies are different from the usual? The speed of delivery of goods to a buyer! For this process in the pharmacy is a special assistant PharmBot. He puts the goods and is looking for packing on request. Such manipulations take the pharmacy robot in just 7 seconds. Visitors of robotic pharmacies are not standing in long queues. They quickly get the necessary package from pharmacist.

Remember, robotic farmbred carried out the campaign “Cosima prices” from 01 Aug to 30 Sep 2019. It involves an avalanche of discounts on various products: medical products, medicines, dietary supplements. Acts on the territory of Ukraine, to each visitor of a robotic pharmacy save up to 25%. Discounts relate to the goods for the whole family.

*Information about the price of the goods before and after the application of discounts, ratios to the previous selling price about the range of products that have discounts and also the discount percentage can be obtained from pharmacists pharmacies. Under the discount refers to the lower than normal sales price for a promotional product to 25%.