Rocker-the official. Who gave Railways

Рокер-чиновник. Кому отдали железные дороги

Ukrzaliznica was headed by the Polish Manager.

Yesterday, the Cabinet appointed a new head “Ukranalyt”.

Ukrainian Railways has led a successful Polish Manager, and part-time, and fairly well-known rock musician Wojciech Balczun. has gathered information about an unusual freshman among Ukrainian officials.

With Ukrainian roots

45-year-old Wojciech Balczun has higher political education, as well as an MBA in management.

According to Balcona, his ancestors originated in the Western Ukraine.

“My grandfather, he was a lawyer, was born in Rohatyn and all its ancestors from the same place – with Ivano-Frankivsk region,” – says the new head of the OUSE.

Extensive managerial experience

Balcon worked as a sales Director of “Silesian Rostrum”. He was Director of the Bureau of marketing and promotion of the Polish post S. A. (Poczty Polskiej S. A.).

Worked in senior positions in the company PKO Bank Polski Sa, in particular, as marketing Manager retail Bank PKO BP and the Chairman of the Board of Inteligo Financial Services S. A.

In 2005-2007 – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Polish Railways.

From 2008 to 2013, was President of the PKP Cargo is the largest in Poland and other EU countries logistics operator freight train operator who is registered on the Warsaw stock exchange.

As reported by the Polish edition, Balcon successfully brought almost hopeless enterprise from the verge of bankruptcy and was restrukturisasi.

2012 became the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Polish airlines “LOT”, was also involved in the restructuring of nearly bankrupt company. The company managed to save, than when it is not spent all the funds allocated by the European Commission — allocated 800 million zlotys saved 273 million.

Things in the airline industry now is not very stable, but is reported much better than they were.

Solid summary

Recommended the appointment of the head Balcona BONDS Commission special Commission under the Committee on the appointment of heads of special important for the economy enterprises.

Just for the position of Director TIES claimed 31 people.

The former Minister, the Minister of economic development and trade abromavicius Aivaras, when told about Balchune, called that very successful leader.

“Well at first he showed himself to be the head of the largest Polish Bank PKOBP, and then reached career heights, leading Polish railway PKP Cargo”, – said the Minister.

According to him, there he conducted a large-scale management restructuring, automation, and brought the company from 100 million PLN losses to 500 million zlotys profit.

“Took an outdated company, conducted a thorough transformation, in the end brought the company to IPO and took well-deserved vacation,” – said Abromavicius.

Balcon repeatedly elected as the best top-10 and top-20 leaders of Poland.

What to do?

Changes in “Ukrzaliznytsia” should be used to generate more margin and revenue, to invest in modernization of rolling stock and infrastructure, said Balcon.

He noted that “Ukrzaliznytsia” there is a huge need of attracting investment in the modernization of rolling stock and infrastructure.

“As a result we should get better service for passengers, better rolling stock to shippers. And in this way strengthen their own competitiveness. Every company should be guided by this philosophy,” he added.

On the question of whether he had received guarantees from the government to implement its reforms, Balcon replied that warranty is generally beyond the scope of the discussions.

“I was told that there are specific expectations. It is obvious that the head of the railway must have political support. Without this nothing can be done. If I didn’t guarantee such support, I would not have to start this mission,” he concluded.

According to the new head of the OUSE, in the first place, he would like to solve the problems of corruption and smuggling on the railroad.

“I would like to see in 2020 (and it is, in fact, very soon from the point of view of global business processes) UZ has improved its financial results and has become profitable, has become a company that will start a big process of modernization of infrastructure and rolling stock, so she was able to use the strategic location of Ukraine (from the point of view of transport corridors) and the access to the ports of the Black sea and the border with the EU,” said Balcon.

The new head of the UZ does not know the Ukrainian language, but at the Cabinet meeting promised Ukrainians to learn it quickly.

Unusual hobby

Balcon is fond of music. In 2013, after the dismissal with PKP Cargo, the rock band of Balcona called is the popular experienced a surge in popularity.

The first two albums of the band, in which the new head of “Ukrzaliznytsya” plays guitar, came out without much resonance. But in 2013, they noticed Ralph James – agent of a major Agency, which is responsible for more than 2,300 artists and bands, directly James previously represented the Nickelback and Deep Purple.

They released the album “The One Inside”, recorded in Vancouver at the Studio of Bryan Adams. With the new album, the band staged a concert tour.

Some of the music videos contain explicit scenes so that they are even removed from Youtube. On video you can find censored versions of videos.

Rock official is married and has two children.

“I am not a typical representative of the so-called white collar workers, or people who 24 hour wear tie and suit. I have a hobby in life that never affected the quality of my work in the field of business. I am what I am. But I’m certainly not going for the ULTRASOUND to talk about music, only about the business, its interests and hard work that this company has become better to function,” says the new head of the OUSE.