Rocket-chopper. The secret weapon of the US army

Ракета-мясорубка. Секретное оружие армии США

Launch AGM-114 Hellfire

The main feature of AGM-Hellfire 114R9X is a block switchblade sharp blades instead of the warhead.

Became aware of top secret missile AGM-114 Hellfire switchblade swords that us military and special services are used to engage point targets with minimal collateral damage.

In 2015, the U.S. air force has announced its intention to replace cluster munitions aircraft bombs Mk 82 Mod 7 whose shell is split into lots of hard sharp pieces and will not leave unexploded submunitions. Корреспондент.net tells details.


The rocket with minimal damage

Edition Drive with reference to the Wall Street Journal may 9 reported that the us military and intelligence agencies, including CIA, is a special version of the missile AGM-114 Hellfire to engage point targets, which minimizes infrastructure damage and loss of life in the vicinity of the impact.

Civilians often die when you hit the adjacent building, which were, according to intelligence, terrorists.

Such losses is an integral part of virtually all military operations, so developers of new weapons give the order on the reduction soputstvuyuschie damage.

The main feature of AGM-Hellfire 114R9X is a block switchblade sharp blades instead of the warhead. When approaching the target the blades are arranged like wings in the front part of the munition closer to the head portion.

Thermonuclear weapons and robocable. New force USA

Ракета-мясорубка. Секретное оружие армии США



It is alleged that such missile hits only its target. There are two versions – with four and six exhaust blades.

Such a missile was used at least twice – in 2017 and 2019, but until then information about its existence could not be disclosed.

Using AGM-Hellfire 114R9X in February 2017 in Syria was liquidated one of the leaders of al-Qaeda Abu Khayra al-Masri.



January 1 of this year in Yemen, a missile destroyed a terrorist Jamal al-Badawi, who in 2000 organized a terrorist attack on Board the squadron of the American destroyer Cole Arleigh Burke-type in the Yemeni port of Aden.


Rejection of cluster munitions

In 2015, the head of the aviation combat command U.S. air force General hawk Carlisle said that the us air force has developed a plan of gradual rejection of cluster munitions. He acknowledged that cluster bombs, for example, are needed on the Korean Peninsula in case of attack by North Korea on South.

Cluster munitions do not always detonate on impact with the ground, in fact, the mining area. They often explode spontaneously, the result of which killed civilians.

Experts also remind that the use of such munitions is prohibited by the UN Convention. In particular, the 420-pound cluster bombs CBU-105 weapons are considered inhumane. But it is the most popular ammunition, standing on the armament of the U.S. air force.

Cluster bomb is designed primarily for simultaneous destruction of multiple ground units of light and medium armored vehicles on a large area of territory.

To the engineers it easier to find unexploded fragments, they were painted in bright colors, which attract children. This increased the number of victims among the civilian population. Currently submunitions equipped with self-destruction mechanisms, which the mining areas occurring less frequently.



It is, in particular, the replacement of such missiles, new aircraft bombs Mk 82 Mod 7, the warhead of which the shell consists of high-strength cast iron with spherical graphite. In the middle of 2015, the U.S. air force was looking for a company for the production of 30 bombs Mk 82 Mod 7, which are needed for testing.

At Mk 82 Mod 7 has several advantages. So, in the explosion of a cast iron split into lots of hard sharp pieces, and fragmentation occurs is better than when using conventional iron alloys.

Thus, after the application of iron bombs will not stay unexploded submunitions pose a threat to the civilian population.

Since August 2010, there are cluster munitions Treaty, developed in may 2008 and opened for signature in December. To date, the document was ratified by 77 countries worldwide; 35 countries have signed the agreement but not ratified it.

Russia, USA, China, India, Pakistan and Israel refused to join the Treaty. However, the United States in 2008 adopted a long-term program of gradual failure of conventional cluster munitions. It said that a full waiver should be completed before 1 January 2019.


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