Roma coach will leave the team, if Totti extends contract – media

Тренер Ромы покинет команду, если Тотти продлит контракт - СМИ

Spalletti is ready to leave the club because of Totti

Conflict Luciano Spalletti and Francesco Totti reached its climax as the parties no longer want to work together.

Luciano Spalletti is going to leave Roma if the club will offer Francesco Totti a new contract, reports Football Italia.

Information about a new round of conflict Spalletti and Totti after the match with Atalanta, Both sides strongly denied that the quarrel, but the situation between the coach and the player have long been tense.

The Italian coach is ready to terminate the contract prematurely, if Totti continue to play for the team.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Totti has suggested Roma to play for free, but was refused.

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