Roma complained Avakov because of the pogroms in Loshchynivka

Ромы пожаловались Авакову из-за погромов в Лощиновке

Gypsies believe that the problems resulted in the inaction of the authorities.

The head of the Coalition of Roma NGOs of Ukraine Volodymyr Kondur sent to the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Valeria Lutkovska appeal in connection with the situation in the village Loshchynivka Odessa oblast.

“Villagers Loshchynivka as a result of their illegal action was defeated and broken houses inhabited by Roma families, and Roma themselves were forced to flee from the village” – referred to in the treatment of the Roma.

Condor said that his people are insulted in Facebook that “adversely affects the image of the Roma population and an affront to human dignity.”

“The inaction of the authorities and the police in the Izmail region has led to a situation that forms a negative assessment on the part of Ukrainian companies, leading to racial and ethnic hatred and is contrary to the declared intentions of development of legal state,” – he stressed.

We will remind that on August 26 in an abandoned house on the outskirts of the village Loshchynivka Izmail district of Odessa region found a body of a child.

Law enforcement officers in hot pursuit detained the representative of a Romsky nationality. Subsequently, the police announced the suspect 21-year-old man of committing the murder.

According to investigators, the girl died from a blow with a sharp object, also on her body showed signs of rape.