Romania – Ukraine: “Shootout” in Turin, ended with the victory of Ukrainians

Румыния - Украина: "Перестрелка" в Турине завершилась победой украинцев

In Torino the Ukrainian team competed with the team of Romania in a friendly match.

Romania – Ukraine 3-4
Goal: Torje, 23, Alibek, 74, Stanciu, 85 – Zozulya, 43, Zinchenko, 48, Linnet, 55, Yarmolenko, 59
Goal – Mezel, Chiricheş, Keseru (Alibek, 58), Philip (Rat 46), Pintilie, Sanmartean (Maxim, 58), Prepelita, Grigore, Torje Machine (Pop, 70)
Pyatov, Fedetskyy (Butko, 46), Rakitskiy And Khacheridi (Coachman, 46), Shevchuk (Karavaev, 72) – Fishing (Zinchenko, 46), Stepanenko, Yarmolenko, Rotan, 68) – Yarmolenko, Konoplyanka – Zozulya (Seleznev, 46)

From the very beginning of the game the Romanians, the fans in the stands which was enough, played actively. Our get very little of that. And most importantly, the final pass. Even when I was able to bring the ball to the opposition goal, Konoplyanka, Shevchuk or Fedetskiy played not very accurate.

But one had problems with accuracy, so it’s Torje who relish struck from the penalty line. Pyatov made a save on a shot have time to react, but only tweaked the flight of the ball.

Gabriel Torje, 1:0 #RomaniaUkraine

— SportArena (@sportarenacom) 29 may 2016

At the end of the half, the ball at the Ukrainian players began to linger for longer periods of time and bill was able to equalize. Worked high pressure – received the ball on the left, Shevchuk, shot along the gate and Zozulya a sliding tackle sent the ball into the goal.

Roman Zozulya, 1:1 #RomaniaUkraine

— SportArena (@sportarenacom) 29 may 2016

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The beginning of the second half came for the Ukrainians. So, what three goals they have practically ceased to play. First, Zinchenko, only as a substitute, robbed the defender and scored one-on-one. Further Konoplyanka Yarmolenko took the cross and with the penalty shot into the corner. And soon he Yarmolenko beat the opponent in the centre, went to the goalkeeper and took a shot.

Oleksandr Zinchenko, 2:1 #RomaniaUkraine

— SportArena (@sportarenacom) 29 may 2016

Yevhen Konoplyanka, 3:1 #RomaniaUkraine

— SportArena (@sportarenacom) 29 may 2016

Andriy Yarmolenko, 1:4 #RomaniaUkraine

— SportArena (@sportarenacom) 29 may 2016

But the Romanians were not going to surrender and staged the final assault. And twice managed to score. First, Alibek was given an easy shot from the free kick, which failed Pyatov. And then the goalkeeper of Shakhtar missed in the middle, and from stanciu.

Denis Alibek, 2:4 #RomaniaUkraine

— SportArena (@sportarenacom) 29 may 2016

Nicolae stanciu, 3:4 #RomaniaUkraine

— SportArena (@sportarenacom) 29 may 2016

Recall that the next match in preparation for Euro 2016 national team of Ukraine will play on 3 June against Albania.