Romania wants to buy 12 F-16 fighters because of the current situation in Europe

Румыния хочет приобрести 12 истребителей F-16 из-за сложившейся ситуации в Европе

The defence Ministry is negotiating with the government of the United States of America on the acquisition of 12 multi-role fighters F-16. This was stated by the head of the defense Ministry of Romania, mihnea Motoc, said “UKRINFORM”.

“Because of the situation in the sphere of security, no state, unfortunately, is not able to sell us fighter jets. So we shifted to negotiate directly with the manufacturer and with the U.S. government, ” said Hank.

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The Minister has not yet announced the amount of the future contract, as negotiations, he said, are at the initial stage.

Earlier, Romania has already acquired in Portugal 12 similar fighters. The total contract value amounted to 628 million euros.

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