Ronaldo on a yacht is disturbed by armed tax

Роналду на яхте побеспокоили вооруженные налоговики

Representatives of the Customs Department of the tax Inspectorate searched the yacht, player.

Agents of the customs Department in tax service of Spain searched the yacht Kristianto real striker Ronaldo during his stay in the Balearic Islands, according to

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According to the publication, three armed agents had appeared on the boat at the time when the Portuguese footballer and his family returned to the yacht after the restaurant. A search of the yacht was carried out in the presence of the player and his family for one and a half hours.

It is reported that the watercraft is not owned by Cristiano, but was taken to them in the lease.

Recall that the Portuguese suspected of tax evasion on income from the sale of his image rights. The total amount, which is charged with Ronaldo is 14, 7 million Euro.

The hearing on this case on 31 July.

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