Ronaldo said that he was tired from the promises of the President of real Madrid

Роналду заявил, что устал от обещаний президента Реала

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo said that it is not in money but in status. Sources of the Spanish press claim the opposite: the problem is in a higher salary Messi and Neymar.

Star player of real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo, said he was already tired from the promises given by the President of the club Florentino Perez and does not execute them.

According to players of the national team of Portugal, it is first and foremost not about the money, as wrote the Spanish media.

“I always say tomorrow, tomorrow. The issue is not the money but the status,” El Mundo cites the words Ronaldo said to the representatives of his entourage.

According to the source, Ronaldo, who considers himself the best player in the history of football, requires a salary of at least € 40 million per year. He is very unhappy that earns less of Barcelona striker Lionel Messi and PSG striker Neymar.

Earlier it was reported that Ronaldo feels betrayed and wants to leave from real Madrid to Manchester United.

According to the materials: