Ronaldo said the reason for parting with Miss Spain

Роналду назвал причину расставания с Мисс Испания

Desiree Cordero and Cristiano Ronaldo

Striker real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo is now officially single again.

Portuguese tabloid Correrio Da Manha today announced the termination of the relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and Desiree Cordero.

Thus the pair does not just separated, but had a fight in earnest, as Ronaldo thought that Desiree was just using him.


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In early October, the Spanish magazine Corazón Czn announced that Cristiano has a new girlfriend.

In the last few weeks of the Iberian newspaper discussed the sincerity of the relationship within the couple, arguing about whether or not between Cordero and Ronaldo there is a real feeling or is it just best for both sides a PR stunt.


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However, according to Correrio Da Manha, the truth was somewhere in the middle. The source claims that Cristiano actually had feelings for “miss Spain”, while Desiree just used it to promote their own career.

The Portuguese asked the girl to keep their relationship a secret, because when their affair became known to the General public, trust Ronaldo to your partner reeling.

Cristiano was so angry that after a breakup ended his relationship with Desiree.

It is reported that today they are no longer even friends.


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The same news on Ronaldo broke up with “miss Spain” because it was used

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