Ronaldo took a new girlfriend to the concert Bieber

Роналду сводил новую подружку на концерт Бибера

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez

Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo took his new girlfriend Georgino Rodriguez at a concert by the popular canadian pop singer Justin Bieber.

Not so long ago, Kryry broke up with Miss Spain-2015 Desiree Cordero and immediately found a new passion – she was a Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez. French journalists “caught” Kryry, when the Portuguese star “disguised” that it didn’t recognize the fans, walked with Zorinoj in Disneyland Paris.

Many critics of the Portuguese immediately began to claim that the girl hired the Portuguese in order to, supposedly, once again, to show themselves straight, but in actual fact he was a homosexual, but apparently the relationship, Cristiano and Giorgini gaining momentum.

On Tuesday evening, Kryry visited Zorinoj dance show in Madrid.

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29 Nov 2016 6:41 PST

A friend of the Portuguese posted a lot of photos from the event on his page on Instagram, however, Kryry on them. In turn, the network got pictures of the Portuguese from the same event with one of the dancers, most likely, the girl asked Ronaldo about sharing a photo, and then posted it on their pages in social networks.

In favor of the fact that Kryry and Giorgini seriously, is the fact that the couple last week was spotted in Madrid at the concert of the popular canadian singer Justin Bieber.

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Another photo from the #justinbieber #concert last week #cristianoronaldo #ronaldo #cr7 #georginarodriguez #paparazzi

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Finally, the sister of the owner of three Gold balls Katia Aveiro signed up for the girl Ronaldo in social networks, which is unlikely, it would make sense if Georgina just accompanied Kryry at different social events.

Finally @katiaaveirooficial followed the official instagram @georginagio ? and aso two friends of @Cristiano #Hatters? #georginarodriguez #cristianoronaldo #cristiano

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The same news on Ronaldo drove a new girlfriend at a Bieber concert

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