Ronaldo: Winning the Champions League, much better gold double leopards

Роналду: Победа в ЛЧ, гораздо лучше золотого дубля Барсы

Cristiano Ronaldo

Striker of real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo shared his thoughts about the upcoming Champions League final against Atletico.

Kryry noted the importance of the victory in the main football tournament of the Old world. Among other things, the Portuguese said that his son would never cheer for Barcelona.

“Barcelona has won Example, but players are always talking about me. I have no problem with Peak, but see it all the time, something writes.

I know only one thing, for me, winning the Champions League, much better than the “Golden double” leopards. Victory with the team in the Champions League – my biggest dream, and I say it from the heart.

The Golden boot? It’s a lie to say I wasn’t upset not getting it. I was very close to it. Nevertheless, hats off to Luis Suarez, he had just a great season.

How I would react if my son starts to root for Barcelona? This will never happen. He has his father’s genes,” said Ronaldo.

Recall that the Champions League final between Atletico and real Madrid will be held on Saturday at San Siro stadium. The game kicks off at 21:45 Kyiv time.

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