Ronaldo: Your successes Zidane real Madrid must

Роналду: Своими успехами Реал обязан Зидану

Cristiano Ronaldo

Star striker of real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo praised the work of his equally stellar coach Zinedine Zidane.

“Even at this stage of your career trying to enjoy football to the maximum and are in excellent shape. Of course, the team helps a lot. I love to play football.

I think I always will play on his position. Most of all, I want to play in the attack with the full freedom of action, and Zidane gave me this opportunity. When I play the classic “nine”. Freely operate in the attack on the flank, in the center. Play where I see it needed.

Роналду: Своими успехами Реал обязан Зидану

In my opinion, Zidane is very competent as team leader. It’s not easy, because we all want to play. He was able to use all the players. He can rest the key players that usually come out in the “basis”.

I admired him as a player, and now admire him even more as a coach. This is a very nice person. He’s hardworking and very respectful to the players. I have no doubt that his success as the team has Zidane and his excellent work. All the players are excited to work with him”, – quotes Ronaldo UEFA’s official website.

Note that real Madrid on 3 June at the Millennium stadium in Cardiff will play in the final of the Champions League. To counter the “cream” will be the Turin Juventus.

Earlier it was reported that Zinedine Zidane praised the progress his charge Cristiano Ronaldo.

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