Rookie Dynamo: Before you leave, I almost agreed with Dawn

Новичок Динамо: Перед отпуском я практически договорился с Зарей

Artem Shabanov

Artem Shabanov told the details of his transfer to Dinamo.

The defender of Dynamo Kiev, Artem Shabanov, winter, who joined from Marseille, told as could be in the Dawn and set themselves goals for 2018.

“Before the holiday, I almost agreed with Dawn, they sent me a contract. It was necessary to resolve some of the nuances. Thought coming back from the sea and will sign a contract with them. But it’s been 3-4 days and called Alexander Khatskevich.

I was resting, I was called by Alexander Khatskevich. Asked if I had the desire to try myself in Dynamo Kiev. I said that I have a great desire, my childhood dream was to play in “white-blue” t-shirt.

The coach asked my agent to come to discuss the details of the contract. The presidents of Dinamo and Marseille have agreed a transfer by the time I returned from vacation and signed the contract.

I am very uncomfortable in front of the leadership of Dawn, but still Dinamo is a team that I always dreamed of playing.

Before I fully realized that I am a Dinamo player. Now all of us want to go to camp and there to show that I knowingly took on this team. I will try.

In the coming year, in the first place, to prove that we can play at the highest level and is worthy to wear the shirt of Dynamo. Want to win a place in the first team, continue to progress and win trophies,” – said Shabanov in an interview Footboom.

Earlier it was reported that Shabanov has signed a four year contract with Dynamo Kiev.

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