Roscosmos found a trace of the United States. Who stabbed Soyuz to the ISS

Роскосмос нашел след США. Кто проткнул Союз на МКС

Soyuz docked to the ISS

American astronauts would intentionally drill a hole in the spacecraft, the Ministry.

On the Russian spacecraft Soyuz, pristykovatsya to the International space station, found a hole that led to razgermetizatsii apparatus.

On 12 September it became known that the priority version of the Russian space Agency is the fact that the Americans would intentionally drill a hole in the hull. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Hole in the Union

On 30 August, when all who were on Board the ISS, slept, controllers on the Ground noticed that the air pressure at the station declined slightly due to leakage. NASA did not Wake their astronauts, because the pressure change was too small to present a danger to them.

When they woke up, all six (three Americans, two Russians and one German) were ordered to search the station in search of the source of the leak.

In the capsule housing Alliance, which brings the people to the ISS and back, found two-millimeter hole. The capsule arrived in June, bringing the Russian cosmonaut, American astronaut and astronaut of the European space Agency. The return flight was planned in December.

America does not want to support the ISS. The future of the station

As protective measures of the Russian dispatchers has increased the oxygen supply to the Union. The astronauts closed the hole with duct tape, which is sticky in extreme temperatures. Later in the day, the Russian astronauts plugged the hole with sealant and gauze. The pressure inside the ISS eventually stabilized.

Роскосмос нашел след США. Кто проткнул Союз на МКС

Hole in the ISS / NASA

As told by representatives of Roscosmos to determine where is the leak, all the astronauts and cosmonauts gathered in the Russian segment.

“Then alternately place the overlap of the compartments, in order to understand where and what really happened. Eventually we isolated the problem. Turns out it’s all on the Russian segment, and not the us, and not on the segment, and on the ship MS Union”, – told the head of Department Dmitry Rogozin.

Roscosmos said that the crew commander, NASA astronaut Andrew Feustel in turn, during negotiations with Houston and Moscow was asked to wait another 24 hours to discuss other options to resolve the issue, as threat of life of crew was not.

But in the evening on the same Thursday Russian cosmonauts, receiving a command from the Ground, patched the hole with a special sealant.


Who stabbed the ISS

On 12 September the newspaper Kommersant, citing a senior source in Roscosmos said that the Committee of the Department, which is investigating the causes of depressurization of the spacecraft, in order of priority considering the hypothesis that the hull of the Union of drilled American astronauts.

The experts who undertook the investigation of the incident, at first thought that the hull of a Union damaged micrometeoroid. But this version was rejected when it was found that the hole was made from inside the ship drill. Sources RIA Novosti reported that a hole drilled in the Assembly of the Union; it was assumed that it was intentional.

After studying the photos, the experts came to the conclusion that several points around the hole formed from the second touch drill, could be due to the fact that the drill is not under pressure, which is typical of the works in zero gravity.

On the bottom. The crash of the Russian rocket with the satellites

At this stage, the Commission considers it unlikely version of manufacturing defects or negligence during Assembly of the vehicle on the ground, said a source involved in the investigation.

Analysis of the available documentation, a survey of employees of RKK Energy, and sent pictures of the drilled holes indicated that the hole was made already in space, after docking of the spacecraft to the ISS.

“Our Union stands at the dawn of the module is right at the gateway to the American part of the station. Access to our ship is possible only with the permission of our commander, but to exclude the unauthorized access of Americans we can’t,” said the source, relevant to the operation of the ISS.

Роскосмос нашел след США. Кто проткнул Союз на МКС


The reason for such action of the American astronauts could be an attempt to send early to Land a sick crew member.

“Emergency evacuation of the entire crew of the station would allow him to continue the full treatment, and household compartment, in which was discovered a hole would burn when entering the atmosphere. In the case of urgent medical necessity, the Americans will have to pay for a new ship, he says,” writes the newspaper.


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