Rosenblatt: I did warn the NABOO about the departure from Ukraine

Розенблат: Я предупреждал НАБУ об отъезде из Украины

Boryslav Rozenblat

The Deputy planned to fly to Germany for three days.

The extra fractional people’s Deputy Boryslav Rozenblat States that pre-warned National anti-corruption Bureau about his trip to Germany. About the MP wrote on his page on Facebook on Thursday, October 19.

“Personally informed the NEB, that the plan for 3 days to travel outside of Ukraine, though, and was not obliged to report it….Attach to the application copies of the tickets to both sides,” wrote Rosenblatt.

He also added that now there are no restrictions on his movement.

After all, do not have any ban on my travel. “But NABOO has its own laws and regulations. The tyranny continues! To be continued….”, – the MP wrote.

Recall, October 16, expired wearing a Rosenblatt electronic bracelet.