Rosneft sold the network of filling stations in Ukraine

Роснефть продала сеть АЗС в Украине

Rosneft sells Ukrainian filling stations

AMCU allowed the Swiss company to buy gas stations.

The Russian Corporation Rosneft sold a network of filling stations in Ukraine. This information was confirmed in the press service of Rosneft, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

Thus, from the list of affiliates of Rosneft have been excluded a number of sales subsidiaries. In particular, we are talking about OOO RN-Kart Ukraine, TNK-industries Ukraine LTD Aviation fuel gas company, LTD middle of the drawno Retail.

The company said that it owned a network of gas stations, which has 141 properties in 12 regions of Ukraine

In December 2016, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has allowed the Swiss company Glusco Energy S. A. to buy the Ukrainian network of petrol stations Rosneft. Glusco was allowed to acquire shares of the company Rosneft Management Company Ltd and Fargrade Ltd, registered in Cyprus.

Earlier it was reported that Rosneft sells its gas station network in Ukraine the Swiss Glusco Energy S. A.