Rospotrebsoyuz: Safe restaurants in Kiev unit

Госпотребслужба: Безопасных ресторанов в Киеве единицы

Restaurants of Kiev, according to experts, do not care about the quality of the food

Only 4 of the 103 tested to comply with rules of cooking.

In the framework of the monitoring of establishments, which was carried out in connection with a case of mass poisoning after consuming the company’s products Sushi Land and Sushi Eurasia life in Kiev, members of Gospodarevskaya visited 103 companies, 15 of them were not allowed to monitor them. About it told the Deputy chief of the Department of Gospodarevskaya in Kiev Alexander Ovcharenko.

According to him, only 4 of the 103 tested institutions found no irregularities.

All other violations were.”There were cases of fish without marking, that is, buy a certain quantity of fish from a known company and these documents are then driven fish of unknown origin, unknown maker. The quality of it is unclear,” – said Ovcharenko.

According to him, in some cases, such fish were received across the network of restaurants (10-15 institutions): “Supplier with a strange document delivers the fish on the network of thousands of consumer products.”

“There were cases when unknown origin was that the supplier that the fish. Came a guy in a t-shirt and sneakers in a plastic bag a piece of salmon. Good day, I have brought products,” said Ovcharenko.

According to him, among the identified shortcomings were also: the lack of state registration of facilities, insufficient number of manufacturing premises (in order for the flows of raw materials and finished products did not overlap), because this violates the requirements to the technological processes – for example, rolls make in the hot shop, also in the hot shop clean vegetables. If this is missing or not as a space for storage of stock for cleaning, washing and disinfection.

In addition, there have been cases of storage products with the expired period of storage with safe and quality products in the same refrigerated chamber, a violation of the terms of the commodity neighbourhood, poor sanitary condition of industrial premises (dirt, need repair), lack of monitoring devices to measure temperature in places of storage of raw materials , lack of sanitary books of the personnel.

We will remind, in Kiev the number of victims of food poisoning in catering establishments has reached 34 people. Four people were hospitalized in Kiev with poisoning after the use of the land, confirmed the diagnosis “a salmonellosis”.