Rotan: After workout pictures in Ruby showered threats

Ротань: После фото с тренировки в Рубине посыпались угрозы

Ruslan Rotan

Ukrainian captain Ruslan rotan told about sveum possible move to Rubin Kazan and about the threats received by his family.

Midfielder Dynamo Kiev and Ukraine team captain Ruslan rotan told why he left the club the Dnieper and joined ruby.

“Ruby invited me for six months before the war began. I have just finished the contract and I immediately said that my priority is the river, but if something with the Dnieper does not work, then is ready to return to the conversation.

When there was the picture from my training in Ruby, I received many calls and me and my wife. Just don’t understand why was the family of threats. It is unlikely it came from Kolomoisky. You know, it was war, a lot of Patriotic people that do not understand who is where. My own transition to Russia in all circles regarded as: “How can this be? You can’t do this”.

I knew all this, and I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to stay in the river, but the situation was such that the club offered nothing. There were other options, but the MLS I at that time is not considered. I was 32 years old, offered a lot of money, where such money? Knew that I would be persona non grata, but earn the money that in my career have not earned.

But I really wanted to be in the river. Even when I left in the ruby, have been with them for three days at the training camp, very much missed and very much waited, something would turn the other way. In principle, and so it happened,” said rotan in the program channel Vatske Live on Youtube.