Rovno MPs demand powers for the extraction of amber

Ровенские депутаты требуют полномочий по добыче янтаря

In Ukraine two years I think over the legalization of amber mining

Vladimirskogo deputies of the regional Council addressed a proposal to Poroshenko.

The session Vladimirskogo district of Rivne oblast Council deputies by a majority vote adopted an appeal to President Petro Poroshenko with the requirement to transfer authority for regulation of amber extraction and other mineral resources on the regional level. This was reported on the official website of the district Council.

For the appeal to the President voted 26 deputies from 34.

Vladimirskogo the Deputy of regional Council Taras Mishina stated that the basic mechanism of handover is a contract that captures all the parameters of the powers of the region.

“The crisis in this issue brewing for years, especially in our region. Volodymyretsky district has its enterolobium plants, which should work and bring money into the district budget. Due to the increasing demand for amber intensified illegal “diggers” that disfigure the historic area of illegal mining. The last two years no effective step in the legalization, and therefore, I think we need an effective mechanism, such as a special contract”, – said Taras Misena.

In his opinion a clear division of responsibilities between Central and local authorities will give the opportunity to move the process to the lawful course, and the mining of amber will develop legally.

“Will be monitoring safety and environmental safety, as now, entire hectares of land turn into a wasteland,” he said.

Note, Volodymyretsky district is one of the largest in the Rivne region, on whose territory there are deposits of amber and enterolobium plants.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier the interior Ministry said that the massive mining of amber in Rivne region have ended, but individual attempts to illegally extract amber still happen.